"Maybe your papa doesn't love you.

Papa, Fireworks, and Tearful Memories
Tamaki and papa
Japanese Title パパと花火と涙の思い出

Papa to Hanabi to Namida no Omoide

Dub Title Parental Guidance
Season Season 1
Episode № 43
Air Date December 5, 1999 (JP)

March 4, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
Next Episode I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!
Previous Episode The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!?


Tamaki watches fireworks with her father one late evening.


Tamaki runs away from home after her classmates make her realize her father may not care about her as much as she thinks. 


On their way to school Aiko angrily tells Hazuki and Doremi how she got into an arguement with her dad
again. Doremi claims they only fight so much because they love each other, but they stop upon noticing a frustrated classmate stepping out of a vehicle. They run over to greet her, quite happy that she can attend school again after she confirms that she is healthy enough again.

After realizing that her dad is still there, she ignores him until he gives up and leaves. The girls assume she is fighting with him, but when they try to ask about it, she changes the subject by bringing up Onpu; saying that she came to visit her at the hospital, but only for a couple minutes. 

In class, Seki-sensei calls the students up one at a time to get their graded test papers. Tamaki assumes she got a perfect score, like usual, but it turns out she has missed one. Instead, there was two perfect grades; one of which belongs to Shiori. Seki-Sensei compliments her job well done since she missed so much school, then she goes on to tell Doremi that she would have recieved a sixty, had she not forgotten to write down her name.  

When break arrives, everyone begins to compliment Shion for how well she did. But after Tamaki accuses her of cheating, the other girls begin to defend her and Hazuki points out that had Shiori cheated; then they would have got the same exact score. Tamaki is kind of suspicious, but Shiori informs them that her father is a cram school teacher, so he catches her up on any missed work at home. While it sounds nice in theory, her dad tends to get frustrated when she makes a mistake. The other girls begin to discuss their own lectures from their fathers and this annoys Tamaki; to the point of making an attempt to change the subject by claiming to have never been lectured before. Her dad is very nice, so their own must not be.

The girls are quick to defend their dads, but Tamaki claims it to be no importance anyway since her dad always hires her a private instructor to teach her anything. Hazuki states that Tamaki's father may not be very considerate then, because love can't be bought with money. Onpu then accusingly states that it is possible that Tamaki's father doesn't really care about her then; shocking Tamaki greatly. 

Throughout class, Tamaki struggles to understand what Onpu said. Her dad always smiles to her, even when she does bad things, and he always gives her whatever she wants. When Match comes along, Tamaki is unable to focus and is sent out into the hallway after Seki-Sensei realizes she wasn't paying attention. Everyone finds this to be strange, but after school the ojamajo believe it may have to do with what Onpu said. Shiori admits to being jealous of Tamaki since she gets whatever she wants, then mentions that she really wanted to go and visit her grandmother, but her dad wouldn't allow it. Hazuki points out that this is because he was just worried about her, but Shiori claims that because she's fine he doesn't need to be. 

As they go outside she happens to spot her dad, then comments on how she doesn't want to be picked up by him. But she leaves anyway, as the others say goodbye to her. 

Tamaki and Vase
At home, Tamaki thinks about what everyone said during school while staring at a very big, expensive, fancy vase. Suddenly, she picks it up and throws it to the ground; watching as it scatters into a million pieces. Her mother comes into the room and asks Tamaki what the problem is out of concern, then she panics as Mr. Tamaki joins them inside the room. 

However instead of being angry, he is just fearful that Tamaki may have gotten hurt. He is relieved to see that she isn't, and Tamaki admits that she broke the vase on purpose and demands to know why he isn't mad for it, because her mother certainly would have. He insists that they can always get a new vase, but Tamaki claims that he doesn't care about her and runs out of the house. 

Later on, Tamaki is standing on one of the towns bridges, staring at the sunset as Shiori approaches to ask her why she's out there so late. Instead of answering, Tamaki changes the subject by asking Shiori if she's really okay to be wandering around with such a weak body. Shiori admits that has run away from home because she got into a fight with her dad and was hoping to go to her grandmothers house. Tamaki asks her where that is, and she asks to come with Shiori when it's revealed that it is near her families villa. 

That evening, as the ojamajo leave the maho-do, they run into Seki-sensei. She reveals that Tamaki has run away from home and she asks them to come to the school in an hour to meet with her and the other students so that they can all go out and look together. The ojamajo agree and she takes off.

As decided, when an hours passes everyone regroups. Nobody has had any sign of Tamaki now and they are all worried. 

Meanwhile, at Shiori's grandmothers. They try to see if anyone is home, but they don't get any response. An elderly man comes by and asks the girls what they may be doing out so late. Shiori explains what happened came to see her grandmother, but he reveals that she went out to the hot springs on a trip. Tamaki then decides that since it is so late they can head to her villa in the mean time.  

Back at school, Tamaki's dad explains that Tamaki ran out after she broke a vase and accused him of not loving her. The ojamajo critisize him for being too nice about things and that he needs to get mad when she misbehaves, but he reveals that he instead spoils her because of a few past incidents. When she was a toddler she had accidentally pulled on a tea saucer and got hot coffee all over her and needed to be rushed to the hospital, then a few years later during a fireworks festival near their villa. After a moment of distraction Tamaki almost fell over the edge of the railing. He pulled her off and smacked her while yelling at her for being so careless. Tamaki cried and claimed to hate him, and since then he promised to never do anything to harm her or make her unhappy again. 

Doremi points out that Tamaki must have forgot all about that memory while Shiori's dad shows up to inform them that she is missing too. Kotake then comes by to mention that some people reported seeing Tamaki and a shorter girl heading towards the train station, which Doremi thinks must mean Shiori is with her. The adults rush off as Seki-sensei tells all of the students to go back home. The ojamajo feel badly however, so using their magic, they trail behind the car on their brooms until they decide to land and cast Magical Stage. A compass appears and Hazuki manages to figure it out and they follow the pointing arrow and come to a dark villa. But before they just leave, Aiko suggests they should investigate first.

Inside the dark Villa, an irrate Tamaki comments that the utilities are shut off because they never come to it during the winter; and they don't even have any food. She casts blame onto Shiori but begins to fret after realizing how odd Shiori looks and she realizes that she has a fever. The ojamajo are surprised to see Tamaki like this but they realize they need to do something to save Shiori. Since they can't use magic to heal her, they decide to do other things instead and transform into small bugs and sneak into the villa.

Tamaki worries after realizing that the phone doesn't work, and she checks on Shiori again. The ojamajo try to use their magic to turn on the electricity and water, which cheers Tamaki up. She is able to get a wet cloth for Shiori and places it onto her head, but she freaks out after Doremi uses her magic to make a fire; growing worried that a ghost may be haunting the room. As she runs while carrying Shiori they are confronted by the adults. Tamaki tells them right away about Shiori and they rush her to the hospital. 

The ojamajo watch and while things seem to be fine, they are hoping to fix thins between Tamaki and her father. 

At the hospital, the doctor informs them that Shiori will be fine after a day or so of rest and she has only gotten a small cold. He leaves and Shiori's father starts to yell at her again, but is quick to apologize for this entire ordeal and he offers to drive everyone back home. Tamaki is still angry and flees the room though, while her father gives chase outside. The girls watch as Tamaki struggles to try to get away from her dad, and Dorem is able to use her magic to summon fireworks. Tamaki is able to recall the past where her father smacked her, once he does it again, and she starts to cry before they embrace. The ojamajo continue to summon more fireworks in the sky while Tamaki and her father watch them.


  • Please tell us where Tamaki and Shiori-chan are
  • Turn us into cockroaches
  • Turn on the lights
  • Water, come out
  • Burn, fireplace
  • Fire up, beautiful fireworks

Major Events

Dub Edits

  • Aiko got angry since her dad got picky about the breakfast she made. She then claims to want to use his head for a soccer ball. In the dub, Mirabelle was grounded because she accidentally broke something and had to pay for it.
  • Shiori is renamed Susie.
  • Shiori mentions that Onpu came to visit, but she could only stay for a minute due to some plans, much to the annoyance of the Ojamajo. In the dub, Susie said that everyone found out she faked being sicked.
  • Aiko said she may be at Doremi's level for the test. In the dub Mirabelle says she's lower then Dorie's grade.
  • Tamaki simply says "I see". In the dub she asks if her paper was being copied.
  • Originally Tamaki got a 95, in the dub it's oddly changed to a 94
  • Skipped Scene: Tamaki thinks about what Doremi, Hazuki, and Onpu said earlier. In the dub she only thinks about Dorie and Ellie, but not Reanne.
  • Shiori explains that she was going to visit her grandmother. In the dub she just says that the place is named Oak Haven.
  • Doremi puts Pop in charge while they're out. In the dub she tells Caitlynn that if anyone asks, tell them she is with their teacher.
  • Tamaki's dad knows why Tamaki ran away and the ojamajo call him too nice. In the dub he doesn't know why until they said it was their own fault, since they said he didn't care about her.
  • Skipped Scene: When Tamaki is hit by the hot coffee. The dub cuts the actual impact scene and the shot of her going to the hospital. 
  • Skipped Scene: Tamaki starts crying when her dad hits her. The crying part stays, but was made to look as though she cried because he scolded her. 
  • Aiko says that Tamaki's dad is like her own dad, and Doremi says that Tamaki forgot. In the dub they pretty much recap the chain of events.
  • For difference in driving depending on the region, these scenes were flipped. 
  • Aiko asks if a compass would find Shiori and Tamaki, and Hazuki says yes. In the dub Mirabelle mentions a broken compass but Reanne still thinks it'll come in handy.
  • Doremi suggests they use magic to cure Shiori's sickness but they need to get other things done first. In the dub Reanne points out they can't use magic for that.
  • Skipped Scene: Tamaki's dad hits her. Like the flashback, the actual contact had been deleted from being shown.
  • Tamaki suddenly says she remembers her father hitting her. In the dub she just asks him why he stopped yelling at her.


  • When Doremi says Tamaki was depressed, the yousei bubble is orange colored. Then when her back is shown in the next scene, it's about the color of her backpack when it should be a soft shade of pink.
  • As the ojamajo are shown following the car, notice all three of them have un-detailed taps.
    • They also lack them when they land on the beach shore.
    • When Doremi suggests they cast magical stage
    • Hazuki when the compass appears, before the scene ends. 
  • In the first flashback, Tamaki is shown wearing a pinkish dress. But the hand that reaches up to the table is orange colored.


  • This episode is one of the only times during season one where the girls are dressed in alternate attire while casting magic.


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