Panic at the Sports Festival
Japanese Title 運動会はパニックがいっぱい!

Undōkai wa Panikku ga Ippai!

Dub Title Born to Run
Season Season 1
Episode № 33
Air Date September 19, 1999 (JP)

December 21, 2007 (US)

Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Yasuhiro Namatame
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The Hamada siblings all line up and are shown one by one until it gets to the final, youngest sibling. Then they all put their hands together while Itoko speaks and they all cheer.


The Sports Festival is going to begin soon and for the very first and last time, every single Hamada child will be competing. But when everything begins to go wrong will the special day be ruined? 


Doremi and other students are busy practicing for the sports festival coming up. When it is her turn to run with the baton, she tends to fumble with it and by the time she is able to recover, Kotake has been scolding her for how bad she performs. This causes Doremi to get angry enough to chase after him with the baton, until their classmate Itoko calms everything down by telling them they have to concentrate. 

Meanwhile in class, Hazuki and other students are busy preparing pretty flower decorations for the sports meet when someone points out that a few of the Hamada siblings that should be here working aren't. Maki just decides someone can tell them later and they resume deciding who will be working on what. Hazuki makes discussion with a four grader girl, who mentions that Itoko has five other siblings; much to Hazuki's shock. 

At the Maho-do, Pop is doing work making magical goods while Majorika is growing more upset wondering where everybody is. Lala informs her that Dodo had dropped off a note from Doremi explaining that they would be late because of the work and practice they're doing at school. Pop tries to cheer Majorika up by offering to bring her along and promises to secretly give her some of her food, but it does no good and Majorika is quick to lecture them when they get there. 

The next day, all of the students are busy practicing for the sports festival again. Aiko and Itoko are trying to help Doremi learn to hold a baton, and when that does not help anything, Kotake just asks her to drop out if she can't learn to hold onto it properly. 

Meanwhile, Hazuki and the upper classman from the previous day are
Sports Banner
decorating the giant banner for the event when two of the Hamada siblings show up to finish helping. After a while they go to check on everyone else and by the time they see Doremi, she has begun to aggresively smack her hand. They try to offer her some tips to try to show her an easier way of doing it. 

The next day the sports festival is taking place. While waiting for all of the events to begin, the ojamajo greet their families while the Hamada children see their "old-fashioned" family has arrived too. Itoko is slightly embarrassed over the events taking place but she is mainly pleased by this.

Soon the events begin with the youngest students playing a ball throwing game. Then a simple cheerleading event with all of the younger girls takes place; one of which is Potan; the youngest Hamada child.

Throughout the rest of the day, the Hamada children struggle to compete well during the events. A lot of the perfectly fine equipment and items are breaking or causing people to get hurt; to the point that an entire line as formed just outside of the nurses tent.

Eventually lunch comes along and everyone stops to have lunch with their families. It is quite clear that the Hamada family is very depressed giving the many freak accidents, and when the ojamajo grow suspicious, Doremi grabs Pop and asks her to quickly hurry to the Maho-do and grab the Pureleine Computer. They want to have Oyajide check everything to try to find a cursed item. Pop is quick to sneak away and grabs it, Majorika, and Lala before zooming right back to school, just as the parents finish their break event. The ojamajo are quick to begin to search for any Cursed Items that may be plaguing this wonderful event. But they struggle to find anything. 

Pop meanwile, has taken to sit with Majorika and Lala while the trio wonder if the girls found anything. Just when they seem ready to give up, an announcement is cast to inform everyone of the relay racer to be starting. 

As the girls go to leave, Doremi trips over the line maker and Oyajide points out that the cursed item is inside of it. The ojamajo have to decide between the race and turning everything around by removing the card, so they choose to remove the card. Luckily, by the time they return the racers were only taking some warm up laps, so Aiko and Doremi are able to get back in line with the others. The race is quick to begin afterwards and because they one each of the relay race portions, the red team is declared the winner of the entire festival. 

The ojamajo are very happy by the turn of events and they all say bye to the Hamada family as they take their leave.

Unfortunately... they just happened to forget one thing while they were leaving. In one of the equipment bags it is shown that Majorika is stuck inside of it!


  • Let me pass, forest
  • Cursed card, come out

Major Events

  • A sports festival is held and won by the Red Team. 
  • Pop does magic again since she first became an apprentice. 
  • The ojamajo gain their fourth curse card. 

Dub Edits

  • Tamaki said she'd be the classmate running had she not lost the rock paper scissors game. In the dub she just says with Dorie they will lose.
  • Scene Skip: During this sentence, Tamaki looks at her fingers. In the dub they skipped it.
  • A boy who raises his hand states that the two students haven't returned yet. In the dub he points out an allergy to glue.
  • Potan, Teruo, Itoko, Sachio, Kinuyo, and Kazou Hamada are renamed Julia, Jules, Juliet, Julius, Jillian, and Julian Kojuro.
  • Hazuki knew Itoko had siblings but not so many. In the dub Reanne is very excited to see how they do during the sports events.
  • Paint Edit: The letter/note from the Ojamajo
  • Pop explains the events, there's running, ball throwing, and at lunch they eat a lot more then usual. In the dub Caitlyn leaves out the lunch part.
  • Paint Edit: The banner says "Fall Semester Athletic Meet". In the dub it says "3rd Annual Port Mystic Elementary Olympia-thon!
  • When Doremi runs by and Aiko and Itoko stop, they have three in one emotions with little emoticons by their heads. This being a sweatdrop, vein, and a ....... In the dub, the show cut to commercial after Josie appeared and makes a comment, in which Juliet and Mirabelle come back.
  • Doremi stops to question if her family packed the fried chicken like she requested. In the dub Dorie asks about Steak instead.
  • Itoko calls it embarrassing the way her family looks, then comments on the embarrassing cheer they did. In the dub she says she is nervous and that her family always cheers like that before big events.


  • During the opening, when the Hamada children all put their hands together in a group, the area behind Itoko's head is brown like her hair, while it should be a different shade of brown, as it's part of her brothers shirt.
  • When Majorika quickly jumps over to Pop, the area where her single hair is turns solid black.
  • At almost 6 minutes in during the long panning of the field and students, one girl way in the back has what looks to be a pale tan/pink sleeve, when it should be white.
  • As Pop holds onto Majorika when she tries to leave, her gloved hand around Majorika's back is lacking a glove.
  • In both shots while Pop panics/worries with Lala, the bottom parts of her hair is missing. This also happens to Hazuki while they observe the principal with the pureleine computer.
  • When Kazou first opens the supplies closet, he is shown with sneakers. In the scene right after, his shoes resemble that of school shoes. 
  • The flower bunch that Hazuki is working with looks to be a very pale blue in color, but when zoomed out appears pure white.
    • Also note that a space between them had nothing located there, but when the camera pans out it suddenly has something. If one looks at the pattern between the two shots, they will see that it is messed up. 


  • Maki Takahashi has a cameo in this episode, wearing her normal outfit.