"The cursed item... is none of them!"

Oyajide arrives?!
Japanese Title オヤジーデがやってきた!?

Oyajīde ga Yattekita!?

Dub Title You Ought Not Be In Pictures
Season Season 1
Episode № 27
Air Date August 8, 1999 (JP)

November 20, 2007 (US)

Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
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Previous Episode We are the pureleine


The ojamajo curiously watch a strange creature inside their Pureleine computer. He sits for a drink until the ojamajo say something, causing him to angrily yell at them.


The ojamajo are given the task of locating the remaining Cursed Cards and meet a new friend who will help them. Meanwhile, Hazuki is concerned over her father so they follow him to his next filming location when they believe a cursed item may be located at.


The ojamajo return to the Maho-do with the Pureleine computer. Majorika tries to turn it on but nothing happens until the girls try and it works, leading them to the conclusion that only a Pureleine can turn it on. Inside the computer is a strange yellow skinned creature that resembles a Witch frog.

Oyajide Human
He introduces himself as Oyajide and explains that it is his purpose to locate the Cursed Cards while in there. His disappointment of relying only on a group of children apprentice causes them to get a little frustrated though. They ask how he got in there to begin with, so Oyajide explains to them his life of a prior Wizard Fortune Teller. He grew bored of his career and snuck into a secret area to steal the bad cards after he found out how much they were worth, in order to quit his lame career.

But after he realized he had a hole in his pocket, he had been caught before he could find them again. They transformed him to make sure he would no longer be able to use his magic. For a moment Majorika and Oyajide are able to connect over their similar predictaments, but right after end up arguing. 

The group try to determine how they can locate the items and determine which may be cursed, and soon are inspired to put fliers up around town. So that people can bring any strange items to the shop and have them checked by the computer. But unfortunetly the girls return to see that the Maho-dou is full of garbage and dirty, broken items. Apparently people thought the Maho-do was a garbage dump and was actually looking for old items people may have no longer wanted. However, to remain hopeful the girls realize it is possible that the cursed items may actually be in this mess, so they check anyway. 

After finding nothing, Aiko points out that some customers wanted their items to be checked up front and on the scene, so the ojamajo decide to leave the shop and just bring the Pureleine computer with them. This ends up failing though and they soon retire for a break at the Harukaze House. Doremi suggests they each check their own homes but again they are left with nothing. They try to ask Oyajide for any clues he may be able to provide for them, and Doremi happens to notice his description matches the commercial currently airing. Hazuki points out her father is working on this movie currently and the woman reporting the news explains that the movie may not be finished in time, since the main character, Koyuki Tsuehiro has been injured. The alarming news causes Hazuki to feel sadly for her father, due to how much he has struggled lately and Doremi suggests they go there to investigate in order to see if a Cursed Card could be responsible. 

On location, the girls are quickly discovered by Akira. Hazuki asks her father if they can stay there to watch the filming, and while he is not happy they snuck there, he decides it is alright. When a nearby worker walks by, Doremi tries to ask the man a few questions. The worker reveals that Akira has been sort of crabby the past couple of days because he feels like something may be lacking and he has no idea what it could be. They then spy on a woman, who has working for the movie. She comments that Akira is too much of a perfectionist, causing Hazuki to worry even further.

Doremi then points out that the items Akira uses are kind of suspicious, but when they ask to check on them, he explains how special they are to him, so he refuses that they require any investigation. An upset Hazuki tries to reason with her father, and as they walk away comments on how he never acts like this. They decide to check the other items in the mean time, but come the end of the day, they found nothing. The sun will be setting and it will be too late to do much else, but Doremi still believes the cursed items may be Akira's director items. But they have no idea how they can even look when he wont let them, until the girls use Hazuki's magic to summon a brand new set of director items. 

They worry that he may not like the items, due to how flowery and girly they look. But Aiko is convinced that because Akira is Hazuki's father, he would surely accept any item she would give him. So they try, and at first Akira refuses until he sees how much it would mean to Hazuki. He switches the megaphone and chair and begins to use the new ones, impressed with how much Hazuki stood up for something she believes in the way she did. 


They take the old directors items and use the Pureleine computer on it to investigate, but it turns out none of them are it. The girls yell at Oyajide, but he puts the blame onto them instead. With nothing left to check, the girls decide they will be heading home soon until they hear one of the assistants inform Akira that if they do not begin to shoot the scene soon, they will become way behind schedule. Akira regretfully decides to begin filming then, with nothing left to lose. While this makes everyone happy, it leaves him quite grumpy and frustrated. 

Oyajide suddenly suggests to the girls that they check the kimono the woman actor happens to be wearing. So the girls cast magic to transform into tiny, hard-to-see fireflies in order to get a closer look. They find nothing and realize that Oyajide was just being a big pervert in order to look over the beautiful actress. This leaves the girls violently angry with Oyajide; realizing that no cursed items were ever there to begin with. 

But as it turns out, the trip ended up paying off because they were able to help Akira during his filming. He sees the girls and informs them that he happened to get a wonderful take because of all the fireflies. He thanks Hazuki, assuming that the items she gave him helped, then offers to drive the girls back home since it's so late.

Eventually the ojamajo are amongst the audience members watching Akira's film. They may not have found any cursed items but the movie was great and everyone was in such a good mood. Doremi then suddenly shouts something and is shushed by everyone in the crowd. The episode then comes to an end as everyone begins to laugh.


  • New director items, appear
  • Turn into fireflies

Major Events

  • The ojamajo gain and use for the first time, the Pureleine computer. 
  • Oyajide is introduced and joins the group. 
  • Akira Fujiwara finishes his next big movie, which the girls go to see a while later. 

Dub Changes

  • Lala congratulates the ojamajo for becoming pureline while Majorika tells them they are still just Ojamajo. In the dub, Laralie tells them it's time to open the Groble Grabber while Patina tells them to be careful since it's expensive.
  • Pop asks Doremi if she even knows how to use a computer, while in the dub Caitlin asks why they got it.
  • Pop thinks Oyajide is related to Majorika, to which she claims her relatives aren't that ugly. In the dub Caitlin says he looks like Squishy (Patina's "Plush-chan" name) but she instantly yells at Caitlin telling her to stop calling her that.
  • Skipped Scene: When Oyajide sees Lala, he comments on her body while Doremi calls him a name. The dub skipped to when Aiko makes a face and calls him an old man.
  • Oyajide was renamed Feradagio.
  • Hazuki claims to know what Oyajide meant and calls him a Kaitou (phantom thief). In the dub, Reanne didn't understand and wonders if he can get out of the computer.
  • Lala reveals that Majorika never became a Pureleine because she was greedy. In the dub Laralie instead discusses what the groups goals are.
  • Paint Edit: The writing on the objects the raccoon statue held were removed
  • The ojamajo kept saying it's good, while the woman say it was bad. In the dub, the woman just keeps making complaints about her weight.
  • The lady says she has gained Kilograms, in the dub she thanks them before she mentions perhaps cutting down on sweet foods.
  • On tv, the news woman said a fall movie had been delayed, then considers it to be a curse. In the dub, she only talks about the movies information and story.
  • Doremi asks if it's really possible for cursed items to be there. In the dub Dorie simply puts blame on Feradagio for scattering them to begin with.
  • Hazuki calls the new objects flowery. In the dub, Reanne calls them colorful.
  • Aiko is sure that Akira would accept the items if they came from Hazuki. In the dub, Mirabelle instead just claims that any big time movie maker would love using them.
  • Doremi asks the others thoughts about the summer nights river, while Dorie instead makes a pun saying they can "bug out".
  • In the dub, the Ojamajo gained squeaky voices while they were fireflies.
  • Hazuki's dad offered to drive the ojamajo home after work if they waited. In the dub, he said they should have a party to celebrate the successful shoot.


  • As Oyajide points out how the locations match, the left, white part of Aiko's eye is light blue-gray.
  • As Akira suggests the ojamajo go home, Hazuki's skirt is missing it's lines.
  • While Lala speaks to Majorika and Oyajide, her leg pieces are looser then normal on the bottom.
  • While observing what her magic made, Hazuki's tap lacks it's details.
  • When Akira decides to use Hazuki's items she brought, the floral pattern on the chair is different then in prior shots.


  • For Poppu's 6 lines in this episode, she was voiced by someone else due to her normal VA's absense.
  • This episode introduces the 3rd and 4th eyecatch of the season.