Overthrow Tamaki! the class election!
Stand off
Japanese Title 打倒玉木! 学級委員選挙

Datō Tamaki! Gakkyūīn Senkyō

Dub Title Scooter For President
Season Season 1
Episode № 32
Air Date September 12, 1999 (JP)

December 18, 2007 (US)

Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
Next Episode Panic at the Sports Festival
Previous Episode Present from Mongolia


Tamaki and the ojamajo face off against one another while standing on opposite sides of the area. Tamaki claims she wont lose as the Ojamajo continue to strongly stare down at her. As lightning in the background flashes a boy is shown standing there, trying to calm down the situation...


When the new class presidency rolls around, the ojamajo do everything they can to try to help their classmate beat Tamaki. 


Seki-sensei explains that because it is a brand new semester, they should be holding class elections to decide who the class president will be. Tamaki believes she will be a shoe-in since she always wins; since nobody ever runs against her. She is eclected when someone else asks to run, much to everyones surprise. The boy, Masaharu, is a bit anxious, and with Tamaki ready to kill him, his anxiety only rises... 

At the Maho-do the ojamajo discuss things and begin to think about Masaharu. Aiko points out that he's very nice and she talks about the time he helped her when she first moved to town. He gave her a class seating chart to learn everyone's names, he gave her his notes to study, and he even showed her to the class when she got lost. It's then Masaharu comes into the Maho-do and asks for a charm that may help encourage him a little bit. While he overlooks their goods, Masaharu explains why he really wants to be class president because he is always second best in everything he does. He wants to change himself for the better and the girls feel eager to agree to his feelings and Aiko assures him that they will deffinitely be choosing him for class president. 

The next day the girls come across Tamaki, who is passing out fliers to get more votes. She even uses her natural charm by complimenting and pretending to like the SOS Trio's jokes to get their votes. 

As Masaharu comes into the room, she seems to be taking it just fine and acts polite. But the Ojamajo do not buy it and can tell she's pretty mad still.  


In the hallway they are concerned over what to do, since Masaharu happens to be quite the introvert in comparison to someone like Tamaki. They happen to hear noise nearby and go investigate it and happen to come across Masaharu fixing a classmates chair. He explains to them that one of the nails was coming loose and he tends to come by when nobody else is around to fix up the classroom from time-to-time. He also fixed the shelf that broke a while back. 

Due to Masaharu's kind-hearted nature, the ojamajo decide to appoint themselves as Masaharu's managers.

After school they all head back to the Maho-dou to get some ideas in order to help Masaharu, first by making a banner for him in order to point out all of the good qualities. Aiko volunteers to go out and help make sure everyone gets to know him, and Hazuki is put in charge of making a newspaper ad for him. The entire time this is going on, Majorika is unable to catch their attention until Dela shows up to offer them some more Magic Spheres.

As Majorika tries to speak, Dela cuts her off to mention that Majoruka has been passing out fliers and stuff for a while now because of the witch queen elections coming up really soon.

The next day, Aiko and Hazuki meet up to find Doremi passing out flyers. When Masaharu comes by, they show him the pink paper they worked on to get his opinions, but notice he only grows depressed after he thinks over what was on on the flier and just what is going on so far. Doremi doesn't understand why at first, and Aiko recalls that so far, the both of them are actually head to head. Tamaki, who is nearby happens to still be just fine with it and she heads into their classroom. 


 Hazuki suddenly recalls that she forgot something and she takes out four small clay charms out of her pocket to show him. These being a purple diamond, a Green M, a gloved finger in the pointing position, and one that Dodo made that resembles her. They need to give him a special icon and to their surprise, he ends up liking the one that resembles Dodo. They decide to remake his fliers to include the cute new symbol, but he tells them that he would like to do it instead, so that he does his part and handles some compaigning himself. 

Later during recess, everyone stays inside due to the stormy weather outside. Tamaki asks for everyone's attention and she begins to make some campaign promises to win over more students; like changing the cleaning day from every day to once every few days, and to decide who gets stuck with the chores by playing rock, paper, scissors. She also promises copies of her homework, and beauty massages for all of the girls in class. To finish she offers anyone who will join her campaign some free cookies. 

The ojamajo try to have Masaharu make a speech too, in order to sway the class to his side. But his rules, while honest and decent, sound unappealing to everyone because they would need to work harder. 

The girls resume getting to work and so far, they fear Tamaki will win for sure. They change back into their normal clothing and hear someone come back into the room, where they find Masaharu, who has brought them some rice balls for working so hard. They claim to be fine, but he feels sad knowing that he probably does not stand a chance against Tamaki. Aiko claims that they just need to make everyone see his good qualities and by doing so, nobody will be fooled with Tamaki's cheap words. 

The following dasy as school, the ojamajo resume passing out the brand new fliers and whatever else they have, and thank their few friends who have remained loyal to what is more important. It is then Tamaki suddenly shows up with her next new trick, to give items to people so that they will vote for her. The girls decide to counter this with their own items for Masaharu, which Tamaki counters by providing herself a better display and a shiny golden microphone so that everyone will hear her. The girls then up the anty by giving Masaharu some cooler clothing, but this only embaresses Masaharu. Tamaki then shows everyone a video she made for herself, and the ojamajo get their own video to show for Masaharu, but this humilates him worse. 

Eventually everyone begins to bicker and argue. Yada, one of the people who is siding with Masaharu believes that they need to pick someone who cares about them and the class, but the others try to say that if they chose him they would only need to work twice as much. The class has become divided until Masaharu snaps at them all to stop arguing. He doesn't like what this is turning into and he believes the best choice would be to give up, so he is willing to settle on just being the vice president again if it means everyone can be friends again. 

At first everyone is concerned, and Tamaki points out that she would rather that he just try to fight against her for a great election. However, she seems to have a genuine change of heart at the same time, but it seems to only be a trick so that her pride wont get the best of her. Masaharu agrees to it anyway, despite how he feels and soon everyone calms down and sits as the election begins. 

It is explained that everyone has to write down the name of the candidate they want to win. Once they finish, Seki-sensei has two students come up at random to announce the results. To everyone's shock Masaharu wins. To Tamaki's shock, she only recieved one vote. 

Masaharu stands up to make a speech to everyone at this point. The girls and everyone else are very happy for him, but they are shocked when he only discusses his plans for more work, such as cleaning more and weeding the plants more often... 


  • Let Masaharu-kun's election good appear
  • Give me some elegant and cool clothes
  • Come out, Masaharu-kun's promotion video

Major Events

  • Masaharu becomes class president while Tamaki steps down from the role. 


  • Aiko: The new rule is gonna suck for someone who sucks at rock, paper, scissors like me.

Dub Edits

  • Masaharu was renamed Scooter
  • Seki-sensei originally asked who would run against Tamaki. In the dub, Miss Cooper goes about it in an auction based dialogue.
  • Tamaki acts about the election much more seriously then she does in the dub.
  • Cut Scene: When Masaharu wears the prince outfit. 
  • Tamaki's promises for election are much more realistic then Josie's was.
  • Cut Scene: Doremi and Hazuki wait outside the bathroom while Aiko casts magic
  • Dela comes to sell magic spheres while Conya is collecting taxes. Also, Majoruka's mention was cut from the dub.


  • The pieces of Lala's outfit that covers her legs seem to be a lot bigger then they normally are when she tells Majorika she may be able to get advice from Doremi.
  • When Aiko suddenly remembers something, her eyes are solid dark blue. Within a second they regain the light blue coloring in them.
  • As Masaharu decides to quit, Hazuki is missing part of her hair.
  • At the close up of Tamaki's shirt, the ring around her is red with blue inside. In most instances after the blue is missing.


  • This episode reveals that Tamaki has quite a few dogs.
  • This episode can be found on the DVD-styled after Onpu. Despite the fact she did not appear yet. 


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