Our Respective Autumns is chapter 1 of the second novel of Ojamajo Doremi 16.


Doremi speaks with the readers to ask them if they have already read the first book. Then she gives a recap of the previous book, as well as the series. Like mentioning that Hazuki is still with Yada-kun and focusing very hard on her violinist career, Aiko has no interest in boys and has been working on achieving her own goal of becoming an Olympic competitor, and Onpu has recently returned to Tokyo to re-debut as an idol.

Meanwhile... Doremi herself is still stuck in a romantic rut with Kotake and has no ideas regarding her own future. She's upset, but has been trying to change this by doing as much as she can while still in high school. She asks the readers for support, then asks if the prologue was too long before apologizing, only for someone to call her out for trying to act too much like Onpu. So Doremi finishes by remembering to mention Momoko, who has finally returned to Japan after more then three years of being in America!

Because she zoned out in class, Doremi has been given the punishment of cleaning out the washroom. Aiko comes by to lend a hand but she comments on how flustered Doremi has been lately. Nobody was able to give her a solid answer the other day when she asked the others what her virtues may have been. Aiko tried to smooth the situation by saying how fast Doremi reacts to steak, but this only infuriated her. She claimed it to be a joke, then says that together, She, Hazuki, and Onpu could probably come up with at least thirty good things about her.

But before being given a chance, they hear a familiar voice from nearby and look to find a girl clad in a yellow witch apprentice uniform, floating on her broom!

They grab Momoko and yank her into the nearby stall just as a group of girls come inside. They attempt to hold Momoko down but she's too uncomfortable with this and attempts escape. Until they reveal why they had to do what they just did, once she calms down.

Once the girls leave, they exit the stall and promise to have everyone meet up at the Maho-do after school. To make sure everyone knows, Doremi sends a text message to Hazuki and Onpu. Then Momoko takes her leave.

Later on while at the Maho-do, Doremi finds Momoko talking with Majorika and Lala. They embrace momentarily, just for Majorika to scold them for act childish until Lala points out that Majorika acted the same way the previous night. Frustrated to hear this, Doremi asks why Momoko didn't bother to tell her she got home the other day, but Momoko claims it was only because she got back so late that she assumed everyone would be in bed by then. Majorika then mentions how she took Momoko to the witch world last night, to get her to become an apprentice again so that she can help Onpu.

Momoko then goes on to discuss how her three years back in America had been. She completed four years worth of schooling and she hung out with Beth, Mary, and a Japanese girl named Sachiko. She then decided to attend a special high school that would help her baking career.  Hearing this makes Doremi start to feel badly, given that even Momoko has thought about her future dream of reopening the Maho-do in New York.

In hopes of changing subject, Momoko decides to ask Doremi about her relationship with Kotake. But this only causes her more grief and she promises to inform Momoko of what happened next time they meet up. She then makes her own subject change by complimenting Momoko's Japanese this time around, compared to when she originally moved here some years back. Momoko explains to her that it's because of Sachiko, who lent her plenty of Japanese Drama and anime DVD's she brought from home.

When Aiko and Hazuki come in, they too embrace Momoko and greet her. Doremi begins to think about how long all of them have been separated from each other, but to her amazement nothing feels any different. Momoko then brings up Onpu and they mention that she had rehearsal that day and couldn't show up to see her. Which makes Momoko feel sad, but she understands that Onpu has been working hard to fix everything. This also surprises Doremi, since Momoko used to be so excitable and easy to read, but now she seems to have matured.

Eventually, later into the evening they begin to hear noise from outside and head out into the yard. There, they notice the Queens Carriage, where she and Majorin step out. None of the girls understand why she is there until Momoko and Majorika explain that they asked her to come by, to help transform the Maho-do back into a sweet house!

When it is pointed out that the sweet shop made a lot more money then when they were selling flowers and magic goods, Doremi thinks Majorika is only supporting this idea for the profit. However, they agree to it and Majorin gets them there Parara Taps and rings, then they take back their original apprentice taps and such. Doremi expresses excitement in getting to see a new uniform, but she is reminded by the Witch Queen that they need to imagine the outfit fitting their currently body size. A cheeky call back to when Doremi attempted to transform the last time, which Aiko is forced to explain to Momoko, because she didn't witness it.

After they transform, Doremi begins to think about Onpu not being there again. But they quickly get out their porons to summon a magical stage with the aid of the Queen to change the shop. Once it appears, Doremi can't help but compare it to the original, considering nothing looks different. Lala calls this nostalgic, to which they can all agree and the Queen leaves after asking them to bring some cakes to the Witch World sometime, so that she may try them.

Inside, the girls check to find that nothing has changed, which relieves them from the concern of having to relearn everything from the past. They observe the shop towers and note how they don't have any of the ingredients yet. But a familiar someones singing may change that...

Appearing from the nearby stove is Dela, who summons a mountain of baking goods. She also gives them the shop's invoice and expresses joy to have them back as customers. So much so that she is giving them a special for all of these items, which is very unlike her. With that, she leaves.

Momoko offers to make a cake for everyone and has the others help her out. During which Doremi remarks how professional she seems to look now. In no time the cake is done, and after observing it Doremi decides that the shop will be bound for success!

After a little while, Doremi muses on how much their cooking and baking skills have improved. Because of Momoko's precise and strict advice, they were able to sell almost every single one of their sweets on opening day.

Their very first set of customers had been quite a surprise. It was their original teacher Seki-sensei and their current teacher, Yamaki-sensei/Leon. When the store opened around 10:00 am that day, the girls had heard the loud roaring of bike engines. Leading Doremi to recall that Seki-sensei was a riding friend of Yamaki-sensei and friends with Minako, his wife during their years at Karen Girls' Academy.

As everyone begun to chat, customers were flooding the store. While their posters they had put up were effective, most of the customers were classmates they grew up with and saw to this day. Because of this Leon and Seki-sensei bought cakes for their families before leaving to avoid causing ruckus. Doremi felt a little sad by the quick reunion but she is happy too, because they came by to make sure they were okay.

By the time the girls finish the only thing remaining are Doremi's cookies. A few did sell though, and while they tasted fine, the shape had been quite unappealing. They comment on how well they did and Hazuki thinks it may have to do with their featured item, the "beloved Tourbillon". A special cake the ojamajo originally made to sooth the heart of the witch queen from two reigns ago. Her name was Majotourbillon, which translates to "spiral", hence the name of the cake. It is made from a bunch of swiss rolls put together to form many spirals, placed on top of mousse and then coated in jam.

They compliment Momoko for her great work also, and just as they sit down to eat the remaining cookies, Onpu suddenly walks in. She felt bad for not being able to help out, but everyone is fine with it as Momoko gets up to embrace her. She makes her join them at the table and they eat while Onpu informs them on how her auditions started. Things were going fine, but they dropped her after the third round. At first this distracts Doremi, who feels remorse for the fact they can't support her much more then texts, encouraging words, and just spending time with her.

Suddenly everyone is thrown off guard when she starts crying and she tells them that the only reason they dropped her from the audition was because of her days as a child idol. The judges that held the auditions were against child actors and refuse to ever hire them. Unfortunately, because of her long absence as an idol she was struggling to shake off the image of a child star and they wouldn't consider her for any adult roles. Everyone complains about how judgmental and unfair the judges were to her, while Doremi mentions that she's grown up to become a more adult-like, beautiful girl. But nobody is willing to accept her anymore despite her hard work.

Onpu thanks them for listening to her, and apologizes for how frustrated she got. Momoko assures her that she has only tried out three times so far and should keep trying, and Hazuki points out that her dad mentioned that roles tend to go towards the people who keep trying, even if they fail sometimes. With that said, they remind her that she had gotten to the last round and didn't technically lose, as well as the fact that they need to enjoy themselves now since they all just entered high school not too long ago.

Doremi goes back to thinking and wonders if what they said did anything for her. Onpu has been working really hard and they can understand how hurt and frustrated she feels about it. But they all wish for her re-debut to happen very soon, to reward her for all of her efforts...


With that in mind, Onpu has her next audition planned and Hazuki has revealed to the others that the Director wants to do an adaption of a popular English musical here, due to being American. While Doremi doesn't know anything about it, she heard of it's popularity in England. Most of the main cast is being picked through auditions and with international standards, over half of the staff members are foreigners too. Hazuki knows so much about this because of her dad being a director.

They send a text to Aiko to update her on the goings on with Onpu and because she only knows the title, Doremi decides she will have to do some research on the play, so that she can celebrate with Onpu when she gets selected for a role.

Eventually Onpu comes to the others to tell them how she did. Hazuki is also able to tell everyone some things, from what she found out too. Onpu thanks the others for their help and explains that because of them, she was able to understand some things better. Majorika also voices her opinion on this by saying that even if Onpu was to lose, this will be good experience for her.

Everyone sits down for some tea and Onpu begins to explain how they were all influencing her acting. But they can't understand until she brings up how characteristics of the main character reminded her of them. She is a cute protagonist like Doremi, she's slightly air headed and comes from a rich family like Hazuki, and she argues like Aiko. She acted with them all in her mind and she felt as though she became the character herself. Hazuki is still curious and asks if it's really possible for one person to have so many personalities when everyone is different from each other, causing Onpu to point out that the main character is also nosy, she comes from wealth and is a little naive, and her sense of justice isn't childish, or fully matured either. These all remind her of her friends too and she goes on to thank Momoko for helping her practice English. Which they were  able to do over the phone. She was able to answer all of the questions asked without the need of an interpreter, and she could understand the jokes in the script and brought this out while acting.

They begin to discuss how people may seem like one person but they really have a lot of other sides to them also. There are a lot of things someone may not see in themselves but it will be noticed by another quickly. While Onpu has her other faces and her own wishes, it was because of meeting everyone else that helps her draw out those sides to her.

With those things in mind Onpu also adds that she had a lot of fun during the audition because she got to perform for foreigners and it being a musical, she was allowed to exaggerate now and then, which made it a lot of fun. Doremi takes the time to think about how Onpu seems to be a lot more relaxed and unrestrained today, which makes her happy. Momoko interrupts this thought process however, by telling Onpu that if she should win the role, she should reward them with hamburgers. Which Onpu is quick to agree on. Doremi notes how she doesn't seem to have any trace of doubt in her and she thinks about how amazing Onpu is. Always confident and mature...

Three days later, everyone is informed that Onpu has gotten the role. Doremi is quick to text her back while adding a lot of cute hamburger emoticons, and Hazuki sends a text that explains that picking Onpu had been unanimous amongst the judges. Since they were foreigners they didn't know of Onpu's past, and while her singing and grasp of English was great, what won her the role had been her acting and dancing.

The next day Doremi asks her what kind of dance she performed and Onpu explains that her dance reflected the Mayfly Nymph in the process of moulting, which reminded her of her struggle from a child idol into a true actress. This makes Doremi point out that her dad would be excited to hear this, so Onpu tells her to thank him for her, but before she can say anymore, she receives a call asking her to come to the office for a press meeting. So she leaves after asking them to give her thanks to Hazuki and Aiko also.

As Doremi watches Onpu leave, she thinks about how excited she is beginning to get now!

The next morning, news regarding Onpu's press meeting took the top spot on many variety programs. Doremi had watched as much as she could before having to leave for school but she happened to spot the reporter that originally wrote a horrendous article on Onpu some months back and notices his attitude has completely changed and now he was trying to suck up to Onpu.

Something she finds to be amusing...

Meanwhile, Aiko had been late in order to watch the entire program. She informs Doremi that she caught sight of Oyajide near the end of the program. Onpu had texted him about the event because she knew how worried he was about her this entire time, so he was able to use his magic to transform himself into a reporter and sneak in. After the meeting Onpu signed an autograph for him and registered him as her No. 1 member in her reopening fanclub.

Doremi isn't surprised by the turn of events and Aiko points out that he had been so touched that he even cried a little, which makes the both of them laugh.

While in class Doremi thinks about the fact her first year of high school is almost over. They had been given college prospectus booklets, which has caused her much concern since she still has no idea or goals for her future. This one booklet she got reminded her that being in high school wasn't exactly easy...

At the Maho-do she claims everyone else has it much easier since they all have plans for their futures. Aiko explains that due to how things are with her family, she'll be going to the cheapest college around. But Hazuki points out that if Aiko is scouted for her track abilities then her tuition would be free, and while Aiko isn't exactly sure, she points out that Hazuki will be eligible for oversea studies depending on the results, since her school offers direct transfers up to college.

Doremi feels badly given how easily everyone else is able to discuss this. They all seemed to have done their work while she's still undecided...

Hazuki and Aiko try to assure Doremi that it's fine, but she isn't so sure. Hazuki points out that it's only her first year of high school so she still has time, and Aiko mentions that while she wants to do sports-related things and become an athlete, she hasn't done any research with regards to college and career options. 

Since the trio were the only ones working that day, because Onpu was busy with her work for the play and Momoko was spending time with her dad, they were kept very busy from six pm until closing because of all the customers that arrived.

At dinner, Doremi decides now is the best time to bring up college. But they wait until finishing before getting the Prospectus, which was left in the living room. Keisuke offers to fill it out for her but she tells him she still doesn't know what her plans are and Haruka scolds her for not having filled out anything yet, which is important for teachers to help their students after the semester tests. Keisuke goes on to say that if Doremi qualifies for college she could apply for a private one, or rent and apartment and live on her own by attending a national or government college.

Doremi begins to feel a lot of realization and accusingly asks if it's only about money, which Haruka claims it to be, though Keisuke points out that unless it's something she really wants to do, or a specific college she really wants to attend. He also suggests that Doremi should really begin to think these things over now, since she will have had to decide by the time she has to hand the form back in. Plus she will have to convince them that she can handle it on top of that...

As her parents leave to attend to their own matters, Doremi takes the Prospectus up to her bedroom and decides to visit the Library when she gets a chance in order to look up some college handbooks.

The following day Doremi heads to the schools library before going to the Maho-do. She runs into Aiko and asks if she has training that day, to which she informs her it will only be a short one due to the weather. They will do some stretching exercises indoors, to avoid anyones muscles from stiffening. Plus the cold weather is also bad for the body in training. She wishes Doremi luck with her prospectus research and heads off to go and to the schools gym, once they agree to meet up at the Maho-do later on.

Doremi is pretty surprised when she realizes how big the library is, and she even mentions that a lot more people were there then she thought. She admits to the readers that besides the orientation tour she's never come inside yet, and because of that she had no idea where anything was and had spent some time looking around.

It's then she spots someone she recognizes and approaches him, revealing it to be Yamauchi. She was very surprised to see him since they weren't in the same classes, but she did remark that he looked to be very healthy since they last spoke. She explains to the readers who Yamauchi is, including the tests of courage she and the others would go partake in with their classmates during elementary school. They were scary but very fun. She also mentions that he told great ghost stories and was very polite.

Out of surprise, Doremi happens to notice he is holding a college book not related to Buddhism, as she expected. She is immediately suspicious and asks if he's been dating Natsumi, which causes him to grow flustered and somewhat annoyed.

Once again Doremi stops to explains that Natsumi and Yamauchi had been friends growing up, but their fathers didn't really like each other and were on bad terms with one-another...

As Doremi continues to make random accusations and theories until they finally realize they were being too loud. Which causes Doremi to feel badly again, as though she's been given a lot of disapproval from everyone in the room. Who seemed to be true adults in comparison to herself. With that in mind, Doremi decides it's time to leave and Yamauchi joins her after putting the book back.

Once outside Doremi apologizes for causing Yamauchi any trouble. She usually wasn't the type to just burst out like that anymore, but she felt as though she may have went overboard. But surprisingly he doesn't seem angry with her at all. Once again Doremi asks if he wont be taking over the temple, but before he can answer her Aiko runs to them. Only to stop after Yamauchi chides her for running along the school corridors.

At first Aiko thinks Doremi may have been pretty quick in finding what she needed. But she claims they can always find out things in class or at home, and it will be easier to search the Library when they really need more.

This makes Doremi feel more relaxed since she knows she isn't the only person struggling with this. There was still a week to go before she has to submit the form, and it will be much easier to search for information when she knows more.

Because the route going towards the Maho-do was also the same way as Yamauchi's place the girls use this time to catch up with him. He seemed to be pretty interested in the Maho-do and brought up the cakes, to which they inform him that Momoko has been making Christmas cakes.

Full of curiosity Doremi asks him if his family eats cakes too, but he admits that lately he hasn't been because so much goes on during the Holidays at the Temple. But when he was little he would celebrate it in privacy. Doremi feels bad for him knowing that he enjoys cakes, but because his family is religious they stick to regular Japanese Sweets instead. Aiko offers to deliver a cake to his place but Yamauchi turns down the offer until Doremi suggests that they can give him some flyers once Momoko's designs are finished, then he can put in an order from them and they can deliver them to him.

With that, the girls separate from Yamauchi and continue along their way.

Upon reaching the Maho-do the girls got changed and they turn on the computer to see the emails that Momoko has recently sent. With pictures of her recent designs, they really can't wait to try one for real and comment on how trendy it looks.

The next day Doremi arrives to the Maho-do to find Momoko decorating the cake. She explains that she made the sponge cake at home first to test how long it would take to make one cake. Doremi then goes over the steps Momoko took to make this cake for the readers. It consists of fresh cream, chocolate cream, and fruits. Momoko diced the fruits up, whipped them together with cream, then lined it all up to create a detailed work of art. She seems to be very intent and serious the entire time.

After Doremi changed into her uniform she begun her own work and soon Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu arrived. They closed the shop early on and got ready to taste everything. Something Doremi was impatiently waiting for...

After Momoko takes two cakes out of the fridge she takes a few pictures of them and begins to slice them up. They feel as though something so pretty is going to waste being cut up, but soon forget it when they see how pretty the inside looks and they even detect a Strawberry scent.

Momoko explains that she mixed some strawberry juice into the cake batter in order to make the cutting process of the cake more fun. The girls are sure children will enjoy this special feature most of all, and Onpu compliments Momoko on how much of a good idea it is. But she reminds everyone that they need to taste it first to decide on whether or not it's really any good.

Everyone tries some of the cake and they all seem to like it, but Momoko then has them try the other cake. Which seems to be more chic and trendy, and possibly Mont Blanc. They comment on the wonderful color and taste and Majorika deduces that adults would probably prefer this cake instead.

After the girls decide to use these two cakes for their Christmas Cakes, they let Momoko, Majorika, and Lala finalize the details of the recipe, ingredients, and baking instructions. The others then decide to handle thinking up a brand new work schedule and designing the flyer's.

Onpu gathers images for them to determine which they may want to use, but they struggle after deeming them all to be cute. However, Onpu is able to determine such things out and she begins to modify their original poster while observing more online images. While doing so, she also makes casual conversation while saying it's been getting colder out lately, and she's also wondering if the train station will have a light up display also.

Aiko then goes on to bring up Natsumi and she wonders if they should drop by to visit her while they go to give Yamauchi a flyer. Doremi agrees with this and they decide to compare their schedules and what-not in order to find a common time where they can all go together to visit them. Momoko suggests they just hand him a flyer during school, but they point out that because so many people know of his families temple, it may not be the best idea...

Even if the girls may be involved in different classes and clubs, the rumors could still bring harm to Yamauchi with his family. They're not grade school chldren anymore, and while that makes Doremi feel lonely, it's better then have rumors begin...

With that, Doremi decides they will go and visit Natsumi and do it together.

The girls decide to all meet up in front of the train station during the stores closing day. It was dark by then, but because of so many lights for the holiday, everything is shining quite elegantly and a lot of people are just leaving school and work.

While the girls feel as though they should be happy at the moment, a few of them are a little uneasy being at the temple during the evening. Doremi happened to notice that the nearby church is lit up also, while Momoko mentions that she heard organ music. Hesitantly they ring the door bell nearby and Yamauchi soon comes to the door, having been informed of their arrival by a text. He wishes everyone a good evening and Momoko hands him a flyer. He thanks them once more and he mentions that he would enjoy ordering, but asks if he could get it on any day but the 24th. Momoko insists it's just fine and brings up thta she hopes he will become a regular customer and Aiko tells him to just contact them later on with the date he wishes.

As the girls ask if Yamauchi will be a priest when he's older they notice his strange behavior again. While they don't seem to understand, Onpu seems to get it and claims that he doesn't want his future to be decided for him. At first Momoko thinks of some crazy things Yamauchi would need to do in order to become a priest but they all deny this. But she keeps going until she's finally half right, but half wrong also...

After Hazuki notes that Yamauchi has been an apprentice of his fathers since middle school and Doremi recalls that she used to see them together. Whenever Yamauchi's friends would see him he would get flustered, but she never knew it was because he was forced into it.

Eventually the girls bid farewell and take off while they think back to Momoko's silly behavior. While they think he would be a very good priest, they do begin to wonder about some other things...

As the girls arrive to the church they see the children leaving from choir practice as Natsumi sees them to the door. Doremi notes how much more mature she looks, though nothing has changed with her smile. They greet her and offer a flyer to her while they bring up the cakes and Yamauchi, causing her to laugh while telling them that they both used to eat Christmas cake in secrecy growing up.

Doremi takes another moment just then to comment on how many differences Yamauchi and Natsumi have to deal with now that they are older. They attend different schools, are different genders, one is close to a temple while the other a church. Despite that they do live close by, so it's surprisingly that they don't get to speak to each other that much anymore. However they seem to understand each other closely, so they must worry about each other too. So once again she believes they really did have feelings for each other, even if they were "soft" and not Passionate. But she does think they have a chance of being together as adults, like childhood friends sometimes do.

After speaking to her a little more, the girls head back to the train station.

As the girls chat about Yamauchi and Natsumi, Aiko mentions that the Prospectus form is due tomorrow and asks Doremi if she finished yet. She admits to have forgotten about it, but Onpu suggests she could write down some names of a nearby college for the time being.

Momoko then makes a joke before Hazuki claims that maybe Doremi's future has already been decided, causing Momoko to ask if she's planned on becoming a full witch. Onpu's ambiguous reaction to soon follow this causes Doremi to compare her to a devil before she thinks about why she wants this so much anyway. She isn't a great student but she really wants to meet more people and make new friends, and because Pop is working so hard, she should do so too. She can't help it if she can't decide yet...

With that, Doremi decides to write down the names of the private college she could go to, and also the nearby government college. Everyone agrees with this and Doremi then worries that over the course of the next two years, she may get Leon as a Home room teacher. Something she really wouldn't enjoy...

After the girls reach the train station, they see that their rides have arrived to pick them up. Onpu dialed for a taxi, while Momoko and Hazuki's parents came to pick them up. Although Doremi and Aiko live nearby, her father offered them rides home anyway.

While the girls make their way home, Hazuki talks about how her mother is worried about her and it's still early, much to her annoyance as Onpu leaves. Momoko asks her if Yada would worry also, as she was up to date in that subject too. The ojamajo then tease Hazuki for a few more minutes after.

Doremi thinks about the word "Kokouritsu" from the National Meet Kotake wrote about in his letter to her. Originally she thought it was "Kunitachi" and begins to think about how she barely knows anything related to Soccer.

It's been very busy, the past few eight months since she's entered high school. She made a lot of new friends and wasn't doing half bad. Work at the Maho-do had only changed barely since Momoko came back, but things were going very smooth. Each day was going by pretty quickly...

Much to her shock, Doremi is then informed that the Prefectural Preliminaries will be taking place. She stops for a moment then to explain that she, Aiko, and Momoko are busy working today and because Momoko doesn't have much time to make anything overly complicated on school days, they baked cupcakes and just decorate them with various things.

Aiko then brings up that the team Kotake is on has won the first round already, and Momoko comments that the principal brought it up that morning during an assembly. Despite Kotake just being a freshmen, he's already a regular, as well as the centre forward too.

It then turns out that really, the only thing Doremi does know is that the National High School Soccer Meet occurs at the end of the first year. But before that the teams have to pass through prefectural preliminaries first.

Frustrated, Doremi claims Kotake isn't her boyfriend. But Aiko and Momoko seem to lose interest in the topic quickly. They instead begin to discuss the differences between Soccer and Baseball and womans teams.

Doremi finds herself growing even more annoyed when she realizes that while it makes sense Aiko would know about sports due to being on the track team, but she was surprised to see that Momoko knew so much too!

Aiko warns Doremi that while Kotake may not be her boyfriend now, she should still think more about Soccer. Momoko also agrees, claiming that if she can't discuss it with him, then they wouldn't even be friends.

The ojamajo have finished with the cupcakes and they set them up by putting them in the store's showcase shelves. Even if they can't mass produce them and there may not be a huge amount of variety, customers really like them due to the seasonal and event-related inspiration behind them. Plus they were affordable, and they even managed to sell all of them the very same day!

While Doremi does her job as a salesgirl, she takes the time to reflect on what Aiko and Momoko said...

After dinner, Doremi decides to speak to her dad and finds him tending to some image editing on the computer. She asks him if he knows Soccer, but while he confirms he does, he only knows the basics. He then turns on the television nearby to reveal he recorded the Asian preliminaries last week for the Olympics.

Doremi recognizes this from a few days ago and thinks back to the other times when she caught him watching Soccer. She'd simply retreat to her room, but today she decided to sit down and watch it. However, Doremi admits to not recognize any of the players, which at first stuns her dad until he explains that this is because the match belongs to the Olympic preliminaries. So the usual players she can identify on tv aren't involved here. He also tells her how everyone, except three players are below the ages of twenty-three.

Doremi feels she could be forgiven for her lack of knowledge regarding the players, though her dad tries to find someone that may seem at least vaguely familiar for her. But it doesn't happen, and Doremi claims the same thing happens with TV idols if she has little to no interest in them. She is then forced to admit that she didn't know the preliminaries had begun for Kotake's team, once Keisuke brings up the high school preliminaries. But Doremi decides she will go on to visit Kotake and watch his next match, but first she needs to find out where it is...

Keisuke supports Doremi's decision and points out how important supporting ones team can be. Which makes Doremi recall the time they went to support the preliminaries at the Koshien stadium during the summer. It wasn't her first time watching pro baseball, but it was much more fun being there supporting players from their school. Even if they did lose, she could sense their determination to play the following year anyway!

Doremi and the others are busy working on decorating the many cupcakes lining before them the following day. She had been working on Mont Blanc, while Aiko did sweet potato and Hazuki was making apple pie flavored ones. Hazuki plans to come and show her support also, but Aiko informs her that she has training during the morning that day so she may or may not show up later.

Meanwhile, Momoko is working on making small rectangular pieces of cheesecake, topped with autumn motif and musical notes. She is complimented for the work while saying Onpu won't be coming that day.

Aiko admits that without Onpu she feels lonely, but she's also happy for her too. Doremi even points out she's been attending stage acting classes for the movie of the play also. While Momoko theorizes what Onpu may appear in next year, Hazuki suggests that Doremi asks Onpu to see if she can come for support also. But Doremi isn't that sure given how busy Onpu always is, working or being with her own school friends or dealing with celebrity business. But she was sure everyone loved Onpu just the same.

Later that evening, Doremi gets a text from Onpu. She may be able to stop by for a little while in the afternoon. Doremi begins to worry however, and hopes that Onpu isn't forcing herself into doing this.

Come Saturday, everyone shows up an hour before the match begins. Doremi describes the field, as well as the audience areas, which makes her nervous after spotting students from the two competing schools. Hazuki points out Kotake to Doremi and the girls comment on his number and the importance of it to his team.

Doremi feels even more uneasy as the time goes on and realizes there is only fifteen more minutes left. Hazuki is also nervous, while Aiko and Momoko seemed to be excited.

As the match begins, Doremi comments on how different it is then watching it on television, including the pace of the game. She notices that neither team seems to be scoring until Aiko informs her that some matches only end with just one point anyway. However, Momoko notices that they seem to be trying their all, so there will probably be some switches during the game.

As Doremi is busy observing everything, everyones cheering distracts her and she notices that the first score had finally occurred. But it was from the opponent team, causing everyone supporting her side to become down suddenly...

It's then Doremi notices that Kotake looked as if he was in pain and she suggests they use magic to help him. But everyone tells her that there are too many people around for that and they try to keep her calm. Which makes Doremi recall how she messed up the last time also, with her crush, Igarashi. She tried to help him but her magic had an opposite effect that wound with her getting hurt, and the opponent team scored the goal. It also earned her a lecture from Majorika.

Doremi apologizes for her behavior and they point out that Kotake seems to be doing better now. However, she feels a little angry for the rude behavior that came from the opponents side, and believes it deserves a red card. But she feels embarrassed after Momoko and Aiko explain what happened to her again.

The girls are boarding the bus while discussing how unfair the turn of events were. Kotake had managed to even the score, but because everyone kept attacking him, they had a hard time. However, despite it ending with a tie, Doremi feels uplifting and pretty happy to see how well Kotake played anyway.

While lamenting how bad things turned out though, the girls incidentally believe Doremi is complaining about them losing the game. Only to respond with a look of annoyance as she claims to be upset because she still can't follow Soccer right.

Come evening as the girls reach the Maho-do, everyone began to work with the candy making machine. As they were making them however, most of their attention lied with the soccer match from earlier. Since she had seen Kotake being ignored, Doremi immediately associated the rival team as being evil, much like she did on television.

Aiko and Momoko explain that while soccer can get rough, if you attack players from behind you will earn a yellow or red card. But if you would attack someone for no reason it earns a penalty and you will be taken out of the game. But stealing the ball is okay, and they begin to wonder if maybe Kotake's problem is the fact he isn't strong enough.

As they continue on for sometime, the topic changes to Doremi's sudden interest in soccer. They see how determined she is when Onpu suddenly shows up, dressed in a cute apron-clad outfit. She apologizes for not being able to make it to the game, but this was the only chance for the day that she could get some free time in. As the girls greet her, Momoko is quick to hug her while complimenting her for her cuteness. Onpu then expresses the pleasurable idea of Doremi being able to join Kotake to the National Stadium.

Doremi and Hazuki are confused, but slowly they manage to work out the idea. They have a large team and it did not have a manager, so what's it going to hurt to have three or four of them?

Onpu surely believes this idea will work and she points out that this will give Doremi another chance with Kotake. She is sure she can do it, and the other girls are beginning to think of how much fun this would be too. While Doremi is still a little confused by how even someone like Onpu knows a lot about soccer, she is eager to agree and promise to work hard. Although she hasn't really taken the time to think over every single detail yet...

At home, Doremi thinks back to what she's experienced throughout the day. It was very long, and she begins to wonder if she was tricked into this plan the others thought up. She isn't very happy about it and worries she may have bit off more then she could chew, but a sudden text from Kotake is quick to distract her from it.

Sadly, the text isn't good. Kotake wrote a single sentence about how he can't bring her with him to the National Stadium. Doremi reads it and feels herself start crying, imagining the pain Kotake must have felt as he wrote it. If the people watching the game felt bad then he probably felt way worse...

Doremi quickly gets herself to calm down and runs back downstairs to her father in hopes of speaking to him, and update him on the match.

Since then, Doremi had been getting taught in Soccer from her dad, Momoko, and Aiko. She was determined to also catch up on as many matches as she could on tv, and one day while heading to the Maho-do, she is stopped by Kotake. He had heard of her plans to become his teams manager, but Doremi struggles to respond until she tells him that she wants to try to help the team.

Kotake is concerned it may be too hard for her, but he does mention that they need a manager. Before Doremi can finish speaking, Leon suddenly appears behind her, which startles her greatly. He has come to bring up the management plan with her, while Doremi admits she doesn't know very much yet. However, he doesn't seem unhappy or anything, because he's the teams advisor.

This surprises Doremi because she had no idea he was into Soccer. She notices how quiet Kotake is but says nothing of it, instead Leon continues to admit he doesn't know a lot either, but he's been getting help from a female third year senior who was also part of the females soccer team. She knew a lot about the sport and the team was dependent on her.

Leon points out that the girl took the loss personally and felt it was her fault. But because she was the only one handling such a huge team, he felt she did pretty well. He was hoping to excuse her from her duties though, due to the university entrance exams are coming up. Leon then has Kotake go and join the team, causing Doremi much stress...

She recalls how she spotted Leon at the match the other day. But he wasn't talking with the other teachers, as one would expect. Leon admits that the coach isn't a member of the school and he needs a manager from there, which is why he believes Doremi will be good for the role. He plans to talk to the current manager, and he will have them meet for some special coaching when she's free and Doremi doesn't have to work.

While nervous, Doremi finds herself unable to even refuse or reject his words. She thinks about how her friends would react, such as Aiko with super fast retorts, Hazuki's puppy eyes, Momoko's misunderstandings of situations, or even Onpu's acting talents.

With that, Leon soon leaves. Doremi is still uneasy but decides to leave it as karma, because she did agree to this. A modern day princess wouldn't just wait for her prince to do all of the work, so she plans on facing the work head on and work with him!




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