"Please take care of me from now on."
Onpu Segawa

Onpu Segawa is one of the Main Characters and the fifth Ojamajo, initially starting off as an antagonist under the training of Majoruka who began attending Misora Elementary School and quickly befriended Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko, inviting them to the upcoming auditions she was going to participate in, where she revealed her true intentions.

She officially joined the group as a tritagonist after passing their final witch exams, studying under Majorika after gaining permission to raise Hana-chan while working in the Flower Shop Maho-do.


Onpu is a famous and charming child idol who has a career in singing, acting, and modeling. She is popular and able to relate to others due to her many fields of activity.


Onpu has fair-skin and big, uniquely shaped rectangular purple eyes lacking a pupil. Her medium-length purple hair with slightly curved forelocks framing her face and three strands acting as bangs on her forehead. She wears a large portion of hair in a curled side-tail held by a mint scrunchie and the remainder worn loose. At times she will change her accessory to match her current outfit.

Originally Onpu wore a mint T-shirt with a light purple sleeveless dress that has a small circle cut out and held by a lilac button, along with plum leggings and a pair of white and yellow sneakers. During the last three seasons, she switched to a lavender dress with pale yellow lining around the bottom and a thin ribbon tied around the navel. Her leggings and shoes remained, with her shoes gaining a slight redesign.

(For a full list of clothing, check out Onpu's Other Outfits.)


Known for her cute appearance and natural talents, Onpu is widely regarded as a popular "Chidol" dedicated to her career. She is well-liked and kind towards others with a playful nature, able to easily relate to mostly everyone in some shape or form. She is wise and mature with a cool-head, but she also believes in being honest with others and as a result, some would believe she actually doesn't care about their feelings. In reality, this is far from the truth, in that she is helping them without sugarcoating things and to the extent that she can due to her hectic career.

As she is still a young girl, Onpu can be stubborn at times, and due to her serious passion for performance, she cannot tolerate those who treat it like a game. She prefers to remain professional, but still personal, allowing some to see her as someone easy to approach. Although she struggles when coming to term with her own feelings, and while she is rarely ever worked up, she remains smiling to avoid alerting others in an attempt to avoid facing her feelings- appearing sullen and lost when on her own.

While she handles everything in stride, she is shown suffering from feelings of loneliness and inadequacy knowing she could easily be replaced by the next cute thing to suddenly show up. She also suffers from poor health at times.

Despite her popularity and everything given to her, Onpu has grown past her earlier selfish period at the start of the series. She enjoys attention and compliments, but more heartfelt responses are the ones to gain more attention. She was initially shown as sharp, crafty, and manipulative with an enjoyment for teasing others.

Witch Apprentice

After a humiliating defeat MajoRuka went to a beach to relax. At this time Onpu had been attending an Idol camp nearby and happened to catch her using magic, turning her into a witch frog and thus prompted Onpu to became Majoruka's witch apprentice. While her initial reaction wasn't shown, she was seen admiring her new uniform and brought up how fun it sounded.

Sometime after Majoruka's defeat, the girls had learned of a "genius witch apprentice" who managed to advance through her exams in a short period of time and managed to skip a few. Soon Onpu Segawa appeared at their school. Initially, they didn't make the connection until she invited them to see her audition for an upcoming drama. There she came out in her apprentice uniform and cast a spell on the judges to win, taking off afterward and confronting them on the rooftop.

After their final exam when she risked using her forbidden magic again, Onpu cast it on their friends and family to make them forget seeing the girls returning home from the witch world. By this point, Onpu had been befriending the girls, and after falling into a coma, they sacrificed their own apprenticeship to bring her back. Since then Onpu was officially brought into the group.

Unlike the others, Onpu has never been shown having trouble with spells. She took to flying with no problem and has even learned how to read the witch world's writing, as they use musical notes.

Her fairy is Roro and her Crystal Ball is in the shape of a droplet. 


  • Transform: Pretty Witch Onpu-chi!
  • Spell: Pururun purun famifami faa!
  • Magical Stage: Pururun purun, Suzuyaka ni!
  • Patraine: Pururun Patraine!


As she grew up, Onpu was in her mother's shadow and seemed to only be doing these things because her mother forced her. This was until Onpu, as a child, told her mom she wanted to become an Idol. Onpu's mother fully supported this.

Onpu was a very curious little girl and liked to explore the town when she had the time to do so. She often would climb the pathways, climb up on the telescope to look through it, and try to hop up and grab fruit off of a tree, despite knowing she wouldn't be able to reach it.

Onpu's behavior as a little child was playful and very friendly. When meeting her future self, she began to wave without hesitation.



Doremi thinks Onpu is really cute, and Onpu enjoys teasing her. As a result, they have a close bond, and it Doremi's influence that caused her to befriend the group. She even brings this up to Doremi, saying that she would have grown up to be cold and mean if she hadn't.


As the quiet and sensible, feminine girls in the group, Hazuki and Onpu are shown to understand each other and get along easily. They often share the same thoughts and opinions.


Onpu and Aiko are often seen together throughout the series and media. While they normally have no issues getting along and they appear to think alike, they did have an episode where they grew apart due to clashing opinions. Despite this they reconciled and were shown to be closer than before, usually expressing concern over each other. Aiko was also the first one who able to get through to Onpu about using bad magic.


Initially, they did not get along after Momoko offended Onpu, but after apologizing to Onpu they soon befriended each other. They can often be found together, with Onpu understanding Momoko and offering her a shoulder when she needs it. Onpu had also been the reason that Momoko became an apprentice again in the light novel.


While limited in knowledge, Onpu took to Hana-chan fairly quickly and appeared the most capable of raising her at first. She sings to her at bedtime as a result of feeling that she doesn't help out enough due to work, but Hana still sees her as a good mother to her and she admires her. She often causes Onpu trouble in her misguided attempts at helping, but Onpu would do anything to help her, even if it meant eating something she dislikes to the point of physically getting sick.


Onpu has no problem complimenting Pop and bringing up how much smarter than Doremi she is, and during her antagonist days she got along with her with no issues. Pop really cares about Onpu.


A shy, meek girl who Onpu befriends after they make conversation during auditions for a drama. Karen won the role after Onpu uses her magic to help her, but she accepted her loss with no problem, helping Karen find her courage and gain a professional career in acting. During Dokkan, as Hana-chan and Doremi worried about the career of their favorite show because of the lead actors issues, Onpu revealed to them that she got Karen to take over the role, showing that she still has a bond with her. During her time away in the light novel, they are shown hanging out a lot more and often make conversation.

Light Novel Series

Onpu Segawa/Light Novel Series

Magical DoReMi

In the English dub, Onpu was renamed Ellie Craft. In comparison to Onpu's initial charming and cunning attitude, Ellie appeared to be openly rude and snobby. However, both were shown to be teasing with feigned innocence.

In other dubs

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Character Songs


(Practicing speaking in English) "Good Morning, Hana-chan, Everybody" (Onpu is then asked what she is doing) "I'm taking English lessons, since last weekend...(Japanese for "do you understand") Momo-chan?"

(In English) "I completely understood."


  • In the main group Onpu is the youngest. Her birthday was the subplot of the final episode of the series.
  • Onpu has learned to speak Chinese Mandarin and English.
  • Her head was designed to resemble a Music Note.
  • Her hair was worn down once in an episode of Naisho.
  • Onpu is the first ojamajo with a unique eye shape and inner eye.
    • This started a trend in which Apprentices each had their own unique eye style, this being Hana-chan and Momoko. However, she is the only one in the group with a unique shape.
  • Onpu is the only character to break the rules of Forbidden Magic more than once.
  • Onpu arrived in Episode 35 of the first season. In said episode, her audition number was also 35.
  • Normally Onpu is shown as the fourth main witch apprentice in the group, but technically she is the fifth shown after Pop.
  • The background of Onpu's billboard during her final scene in Dokkan is the same background that was used doing her transformation and spells in Sharp.
  • Onpu is the only character to get a figurine based on a costume from the Card Game Collection.
  • Onpu is the only main character to have a name change during the series. However, this only applies to the French version.
  • The characters of Onpu's name translate as Rapid River, Musical Note. (Se = Rapids, Kawa/Gawa = River, Onpu = Musical Note).
  • Onpu hates peppers.
  • In the light novel series, it was revealed that Onpu had a relationship with someone. However, it is currently unknown if her boyfriend was identified or not.
    • This makes her the fourth girl in the group to have been in a relationship or have one implied, following Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko.