Onpu's Mail is a Love Letter?
Nakata Typing
Japanese Title おんぷのメールはラブレター?

Onpu no Mēru wa Rabu Retā?

Dub Title Geek Love
Season Season 1
Episode № 48
Air Date January 9, 2000 (JP)

April 8, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Akatsuki Yamatoya
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
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Previous Episode Fathers Arranged Marriage Meeting


Nakata is in the middle of writing a friendly little letter to Onpu, using his computer. He asks her how she is, then asks her about the recent test they had and reveals his surprising test score, then asks Onpu of her own score.


After a whole bunch of Onpu fanboy's receive mysterious letters from her that she claims she didn't write, it's up to the Ojamajo to solve this mystery and try to convince Onpu to help them.


Seki-sensei tries to show the class how to send emails and use a computer, but she struggles and the guide book she was given doesn't help. She grows annoyed while trying to figure out if anyone in the class actually knows. Onpu brings up the ojamajo's Pureleine computer so they look at Hazuki; but she denies anything while Doremi claims that Oyajide isn't really a computer, just an old man. It is then a classmate, Nakata Goji offers to show everyone after he mentions that his father gave him a computer sometime back. Within seconds he is able to show everyone how a computer works and how to send emails. Everyone is impressed, but he only cares that Onpu is impressed by him. Seki-Sensei then asks to try again and eventually the class ends. 

As Nakata is preparing to shut down the computer, Kotake asks him about the other things people can do with it. He takes out a disc that contains posed images of Onpu, along with her music. He also shows them how he has a voice recorded to go with the digital photo album. Everyone is surprised to see Onpu in the pictures and upon being told she went to Hawaii, they begin to ask about it. 

Later on, Nakata leaves to head for home when he comes by Onpu. He tries to talk to her but it turns out she didn't even notice him since Kotake ends up intercepting; wanting to ask more about Hawaii. 

At Majoruka's office, Hehe informs Onpu that she has gotten a bunch of e-mails and Majoruka lectures her that she should respond to them since her fans personally sent them. Onpu does not see the point and she still doesn't know how to use a computer, and since the website was put up by the Company she shouldn't be responsible for it. She then leaves while telling Majoruka to just do it herself if she cares about it so much. Since Majoruka can't however, she asks Hehe to do it instead. But mischevious little Hehe doesn't want to waste time trying to type, so she makes her own, sweet message and copies it so that every single fan who sent a letter to Onpu gets it. 

Meanwhile, Nakata recieves said letter from "Onpu" and becomes very happy, thinking she may wish to meet him in private. As he has to be heading over to Misora Park, he wastes no time to get ready. 

Onpu leaves work to see that a whole line of fans have come to meet her. She is very confused by this and listens to what a boy says as she is taken into her vehicle before commenting on how confused she is. 

The following day, Oyajide demands that the ojamajo use today to find every single remaining cursed card before noon. He shows the girls the letter he got from Onpu, and at first they are unsure if it is even real or not; especially when it seems to be different from what Onpu would normally say. Oyajide doesn't believe them though and asks that they take him to the park. But the girls want to investigate this first and they take off and come across Nakata; where they ask him why he is so dressed up.

He reveals the letter from Onpu, which only makes them more suspicious. He talks with them about how much he likes Onpu before taking off when he realizes the time. This makes the Ojamajo think Oyajide was only lying until they happen to notice a WHOLE bunch of boys lined up and waiting.

In a fit of anger, the ojamajo rush to Majoruka's office to find Onpu casually drinking tea. They question why she is just sitting there and Onpu explains that it was because of Hehe. They are upset that Onpu doesn't even care about her fans, but Onpu claims she can just erase their memories to make them forget this. Majoruka is worried that something bad would happen if Onpu used forbidden magic on that many people, but she doesn't really care. Aiko then grabs Onpu and leads her to the park in hopes of changing her mind. 

Onpu Aiko 3
As the ojamajo arrive to the park, they see that a lot of the boys are becoming impatient and angry, getting tired of waiting for Onpu to show up. Hazuki suggests Onpu should just apologize, but Onpu doesn't see how it's possible since it wasn't her fault. Suddenly, Doremi gets an idea and she and Hazuki transform in hopes of disbanding all of the boys while Onpu and Aiko watch.

Eventually, the boys end up chasing Doremi and Hazuki around the park, except for Nakata who stands and tries to figure out what the heck is going on. Onpu then attempts to erase their memories and Aiko interupts her and tells her that she shouldn't do this. This gets Onpu angry with Aiko and she demands to know why she's so insisting to help her when it has nothing to do with her at all. After Aiko points out how much her fans care about her, Onpu stops to reconsider when suddenly they hear the boys nearby. But before they get caught, Majoruka shows up and casts a time stopping spell. Onpu decides to just leave before they get caught but the ojamajo yell at her for it and try to convince her to stay while Majoruka tries telling her to leave.

By the time the spell ends, Onpu decides she'll just apologize and hopefully solve the problem at hand. So she changes back to normal before confronting the group of boys. She admits that she never actually read their emails and because she doesn't know how to use a computer, she had asked an employee to respond instead. After she apologizes, Onpu offers to make up to them by holding an autograph session. The boys all seem happy and accept her apology, though Nakata is still deeply hurt by the turn of events, so he takes off.

As the ojamajo watch, they decide to try to find Nakata upon noticing he left. In a fit of anger, he throws the disc of Onpu's photography and music away and walks away, claiming not to care anymore. As the disc oddly lands, the ojamajo realize that the disc has a cursed item in it! That's the reason he never managed to speak to Onpu!

So using magical stage, the ojamajo remove the cursed object from the disc. After removing it, the ojamajo take the disc back to Nakata but he claims that he doesn't like Onpu anymore. But after the ojamajo claim he gives up too easily, and how unfair he's being, Nakata takes the disc back while thinking it over. The ojamajo then take their leave...

The following day at school, Nakata arrives to see Onpu putting her shoes away. She is about to take off as he manages to say something to her. Onpu smiles and greets him good morning before she leaves. The episode comes to an end as Nakata happily cheers that he was able to speak to Onpu.


  • Turn me into Onpu-chan's manager
  • Turn me into a bodyguard
  • Erase their memories (interupted/didn't get cast)
  • Time stop (Majoruka)
  • Come out, cursed card

Major Events

  • Everyone is learning how to use computers
  • Onpu holds a special autograph session. 

Dub Edits

  • Onpu asks the ojamajo about the Pureleine computer they always carry around, to which Doremi calls an old man. In the dub, Dorie acts like she has no idea what she's talking about.
  • Nakata was renamed Nicholas
  • Tamaki claims to have been to Hawaii 20 times. In the dub, it's 10.
  • Onpu leaves after she mentions work, in the dub she claims to have an interview.
  • Paint Edit: Everything that has Onpu on it was edited to say Ellie Craft.
  • Paint Edit: The letter
  • Nakata imitates Onpu while standing the poster of her, then as himself. In the dub the scene was reversed to him acting like himself first, then her.
  • Doremi asks Oyajide if he's broken, while in the dub she asks him what the problem was.
  • Onpu asks Aiko why she's being stubborn since magic will only effect her and isn't any of their concern. In the dub Ellie claims she wont let anyone boss her around, while the rest of the line remains intact. 
  • Aiko said the fans showed up because they love Onpu and Majoruka suggests they run away. In the dub Mirabelle just yells at her while saying magic shouldn't be used like this and Petunia mentions just getting there in time.
  • Onpu admits that she has no idea how to use a computer as she makes her apology. In the dub Ellie claims to have been lazy and selfish.
  • Scene Skip: Onpu putting her shoes into the shoe locker.


  • As the ojamajo hide behind a bush, Onpu's tap is missing.
  • At the final seconds of the episode, Nakata's teeth are flesh-colored, not white. 


  • In the dub, there is a naked woman statue that was not edited.