Name Changes

Paint Edits

Original Magical Doremi
Chopsticks Edited to spoons and other silverware.
Bucket Writing on it removed.

Dialogue Changes

Original Magical Doremi
Majorika informs Pop of the forbidden rules, telling her that she cannot change peoples thoughts with magic. Patina tells her, "you can't alter history".
Haruka and Keisuke discuss Pop's camping trip during breakfast. They ask if Caitlyn will miss them.
Doremi reminds Pop that she is a level 6 apprentice, while Pop hasn't even taken her 9th exam. Dorie states that Caitlyn has to do beginners work since she is a beginner.
Doremi tells Pop that she will have Majorika give her a lecture later. Dorie just tells Caitlyn that everyone makes mistakes.

Skipped/Changed Scenes

Original Magical Doremi
After Pop runs to the Maho-do she tries to tackle Majorika and chase her. Majorika informs the girls that they will work during summer. The anime skips to her holding Patina as Conya arrives.

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