"Pretty Witch Poppu-chi!!"

Ojamajo Poppu appears!
Ojamajo Poppu!
Japanese Title おジャ魔女ぽっぷ登場!?

Ojamajo Poppu Tōjō!?

Dub Title The New Witch On The Block
Season Season 1
Episode № 25
Air Date July 25, 1999 (JP)

March 11, 2006 (US)

Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Takuya Igarashi

Hideki Hiroshima

Episode Direction Takuya Igarashi

Hideki Hiroshima

Animation Direction Yasuhiro Namatame
Next Episode We are the pureleine
Previous Episode Majoruka versus level 6 ojamajo!


Pop is casually introducing herself to the audience and apologizes for making them wait so long. She takes a moment to show Doremi as a Witch frog before stating that it is now up to her to fix everything. As she goes to introduce herself, Doremi begins to yell.


After Pop catches the trio in apprentice form, Majorika has no choice but to make her a witch apprentice too. But will she be able to handle the responsibility that comes with it?


While still holding onto Pop, Doremi runs into the Maho-do and continues to panic and freak out until Hazuki reminds Doremi they won't change forms since they are just apprentices. Majorika tells them to calm down while Doremi asks her to erase Pop's memory, but Majorika reminds her that erasing memories is forbidden. As this goes on, Pop is just excited to see that Majorika can talk and is a real, living creature. With no other option Majorika decides that Pop will need to become an apprentice too. While Aiko and Hazuki don't seem to mind, Doremi is dead-set against it until she realizes that she would be able to manipulate Pop to make her listen to her, since she has more experience.

To put it into action Doremi decides to explain how everything works. But they don't have any more taps in the shop right now because Majorika only carried three of them in her case. They went to Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki so she will just need to wait.

The next morning, Doremi and Pop have breakfast. Doremi informs her parents of their plans from tomorrow on. Both Keisuke and Haruka are rather confused by their strange, affectionate behavior towards each other but the subject changes from that to her upcoming class camping trip and worry that working may interfere with that. But Pop claims she already asked her teacher, and she thinks it will be fine to work during vacation. Doremi also promises to take good care of Pop while at work, so they eventually agree.

Dela's Wand
At the Maho-do later on, Majorika goes on to mention how much debt they have gained recently since they got the shop back. While discussing it, Dela happens to appear and is introduced to Pop. After she gives the girls their annual supplies, she gives Pop a tap and adds the cost of it. But since it's too much, Majorika doubts that they can afford it right now and tells her to just take it back.

Not willing to accept this, Pop is able to convince Dela to lower the price by complimenting her and giving her a massage. Majorika accepts the new price and they pay Dela. After that, they run to the backyard to have Pop try her magic. She manages to transform, fly, and cast magic with ease, much to the jealousy of Doremi, before heading back inside to get to work.

While the trio go to make charms, Doremi forces Pop to stay behind and focus on cleaning the shop. Initially she is against it, but with no choice she quickly gets to work cleaning and manages to finish in no time. She then begins to make clay items, but to their horror they find out she does as poorly as Doremi does. At the time of the sale, they watch as other items sell but none of their one. But before the work shift is done, a man suddenly comes into the shop and decides to purchase every single thing Pop made, due to how colorful and unique they are. 

At home the next morning, Pop is on her way out to school as everyone says farewell. Doremi finds out she took her tap with her and is concerned, but she decides to let it go since Pop refuses to part with it so easily. Haruka then decides she'll see Pop off since she's going that way anyway. For the camping trip at the school, Poppu's friends put her in the middle as both the girls, and boys want her to sleep near them. The annoying kimitaka arrives and decides to claim the spot Pop wanted for him and his group. Instead of taking up his offer to share the spot, Pop and all ten of her friends leave for another.

Meanwhile, At the Maho-do, The ojamajo kind of find it pointless to keep the shop open on a daily basis during summer since barely anybody will show up. Majorika tells them they can't do this since they need the money at the end of the month. When asked where Pop is, Doremi explains the school trip and mentions her concern regarding magic. However, nobody else seems concerned given how smart and un-hasty she is.

That night back at the school, Pop and everyone have set down to begin eating. Pop notices one of her friends, Kazuhiro not eating and she asks him about it, but before he could explain the others begin to harass him and Pop gets yelled at while trying to defend her friend. Then when the students play with fireworks Kimitaka gets yelled at
Spy Lala
for being so careless with them. Then they go into the restroom area to brush their teeth when she notices her friend sitting by himself in the corner. She goes to see him and suggests they go have a pillow fight when he starts crying. Luckily Pop manages to convince him to stay and they run off as Lala, in cat form suddenly appears by the window to spy on them.

Meanwhile, back at the Harukaze household, Doremi is rather unnerved but she honestly doesn't know why that is. After all, she doesn't care that much for Pop and she is a smart little girl with a capable head on her shoulders. So she decides not to worry anymore and go to bed.

At the school everyone is currently sleeping when Kimitaka wakes them up and tries to scare everybody. It doesn't work on Pop and she goes to prove there is nothing wrong. They silently quiet themselves for a moment as the teacher comes to check on them, then leaves again. Later that night, Pop wakes up to see Kimitaka go to the bathroom area and she follows him. Then, after transforming she summons a group of demons to scare him for
Demons Vanishing
revenge. But unfortunately her scare tactic backfires and the ghost proceed to chase her and everybody else in the school. Lala has gone to get Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki, and they return to the school to rid of them by using magical stage to make everyone fall asleep.

Pop feels badly for what happened but Doremi manages to calm her down to help her cast a spell to rid of the ghosts. Afterwards, the four ojamajo take turns returning everyone back to their previous locations, still sleeping. Then, after they finish the ojamajo prepare to leave Pop after Doremi promises to have Majorika lecture her for it later on.

The following morning as the children play together, the teachers are discussing the strange "dream" they had, along with the students. As they proceed to talk and play, Majorika and Lala watch from the distance.


  • Huge pudding, come out
  • Demons, come out
  • Have everyone fall asleep
  • Demons, Disappear

Major Events

  • Pop is granted rights to become an Apprentice Witch. 
  • The Ojamajo work in the Maho-do again.
  • Pop casts her first spell and learns to fly on the broom.


  • Hazuki: We aren't witches yet, we're only witch apprentices.
  • Doremi: Oh, I see. Hey, isn't that even worse?!


Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • The beads from Aiko and Hazuki's taps go missing as they chat with Pop after Majorika decides to make her an apprentice.
    • Aiko was also missing them in the scene before.
  • As everyone admires Pop's cleaning work, she is missing the bottom parts of her hair.
  • When everyone is shown sleeping, Kimtaka and his friends aren't in the spot they had claimed previously.
    • Also note that everyone using the yellow beds had the sheet under them the same color as their pillow. While in every other shot its a much paler yellow.
  • As Pop hops into Doremi's arms, notice Doremi's tap is solid pink.
  • Kumiko has dark pink hair instead of dark blue hair during the watermelon smashing scene.
  • Right before Pop flies above Doremi and knocks her over, Doremi's eyes are tan colored.
  • Everyone only used blue clay, but later, the clay was shown to be all sorts of various colors.
  • The coloring of Pop's items alternate between shots.
  • Hazuki tells Doremi that she won't change into a witch frog because she is an apprentice. But in the fourth episode, Majorika tells Doremi she wouldn't change unless someone called her a witch twice.
  • When Pop's friends said "It's time to eat", notice Pop's hair is dark pink colored instead of pink.
  • Notice Pop's skirt was dark blue instead of raspberry colored.