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Welcome to the Ojamajo Doremi wiki! This wiki covers all things Ojamajo Doremi, from its cute little taps to full episode summaries and the dub, "Magical Doremi".

Please be aware that this wiki contains spoilers for the series, so be sure to read at your own risk!

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!☆☆☆ New Magic Spells ☆☆☆!

A new Ojamajo Cafe will be opening in Tokyo with a new menu from January 12th to February 25th, 2018. Another venue will open afterwards in Osaka from March 7th to 27th, 2018!

Limited Base will be reopening their Ojamajo Doremi Shop from January 12th to February 7th, 2018 with a new selection of items!

We need help with the episode reviews!!!

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The poll was created at 14:00 on April 21, 2016, and so far 270 people voted.

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