Ojamajo Doremi Sharp (Sega Pico)
Japanese おジャ魔女どれみ#
Romaji Ojamajo Doremi #
Release Date 2000
System Sega Pico
Genre Minigames, Education
Next Game Mo-tto! Ojamajo Doremi (Sega Pico)

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp was a first Ojamajo Doremi game for the Sega Pico. As the name suggests, this game is set during Sharp.


Mini-games List

This game has many different minigames.


If you choose Aiko, you will play a game where you make takoyaki; a Japanese snack that Aiko loves. However, you have to be careful. The fairies will occasionally put tiny bombs in the takoyaki mold. If you click the bomb Pop's fairy Fafa will appear to remove it.


In this minigame you play as Doremi. Doremi is sitting at the table and in front of her are 8 plates with different kinds of steak/meat. All you have to do is eat as much as possible.

Running Game

In this game you play as Onpu. All you have to do is jump when there's an obstacle in front of you. When you finish this game Onpu is on a stage in front of many people.


In this game you're playing as Doremi again. This time you're making infant formula milk for Hana.


This time you're taking care of Hana. You have to figure out what she wants from the available items. There are a few versions of this minigame. One where you're giving Hana a bath, where you're singing her a lullaby and few other more.


In this game you can plant various flowers. After you finish planting you have to water everything. However, after some time a mole will appear and he will dig around the garden, causing the plants to disappear once he stops at a random location. When it rains the ojamajos put umbrellas to keep the plants safe. If an umbrella shakes you have to click it.


  • This game has the full version of the Ojamajo Doremi Sharp theme song as its game opening.


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