Ojamajo Doremi Sharp: The Movie
SharpMovieCover DSTD02008
Japanese Title 映画おジャ魔女どれみ#

Eiga Ojamajo Doremi #

Season Sharp
Movie No. 1
Opening Theme Ojamajo wa Koko ni Iru
Ending Theme Pop na Yuki
Release Date July 8, 2000

September 14th, 2016 (Re-release)

January 11th, 2017 (Blu-ray Release)

Next Movie Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: Secret of the Frog Stone

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp: The Movie (Also referred as Pop and the Queen's Cursed Rose) was the first movie for the Ojamajo Doremi series released during 2000 Summer Toei Anime Fair. The movie centres on Pop Harukaze as the protagonist.

Opening Clip



While taking her next witch apprentice test, Pop realizes that Hana followed her into the witch world. She follows the baby into the Queen's garden, which is full of many heart-petaled flowers. She decides to take one special one that stands out, which happens to be a Witch Queen Heart, capable of granting any wish.

When she returns, she finds her sister and friends frantically searching for Hana. However, when trying to tell them about her successful test, Doremi completely ignores it and lectures her for taking Hana without permission. Angry with this, Pop runs away and tearfully wishes that her sister would turn into a rat, which is granted by the flower. However, this is a bad wish, and the flower changes color, gets up, and leaves.

When she tells Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu about this and finds out that her sister has been accidentally kicked out, the three head out to look for the plant before it plants itself, generates more seeds, and grants the wishes of everyone else, while Pop goes to look for her sister. After a wild chase, Doremi finds herself heading to her sister's steak bait but the two end up falling into the sewer in miniature size.

There, the two make up for the past argument but are quickly surrounded by sewer rats. With the help of Hana's magic, they manage to get out just in time.

Meanwhile, the other three were busily looking for the magical plant, which had been granting other's wishes. They manage to stop time and pluck it before it plants itself to spread its seeds.

Majo Rika tells them that the plant must be burned, but Pop disagrees, saying its her fault. They try Magical Stage to return it to normal, but if fails to work. It only returns to normal when they tearfully ask it to. The plant is then returned to its rightful place in the garden. 


Major Events



  • The movie shared it's cinema showing with Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! / Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals, which was spit into 2 parts and the Ojamajo Doremi movie was shown in between.
  • The opening clip was animated using CGI animation, marking the first of the few times CGI was used during the series.
  • The events of the movie were brought up in both Sharp Ep. 37 and Sharp Ep.40.


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