Episode No. Opening Clip Name Summary


Hana's Birth Doremi Becomes a Mom!? After the ojamajo go to say goodbye to Majorika they are shocked to learn that she's left for the witch world already. But after finding an item she left behind they decide to go and return it; but will apprentice powers be needed to get the girls out of the situation they find themselves in?


Baby Doremi Raising a Baby is a Lot of Trouble! Doremi and the others learn a lesson in responsibility during their first day of mothering.


Pop Sleeping Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam Tired of falling behind the others, Pop tries to find methods of forcing herself to stay awake in time to take her first exam.


Dark Doremi Fails as a Mom!? After Doremi carelessly gets Hana-chan sick she begins to feel a deep remorse but struggles to fix it after she's told off for it and has no one to turn to.


Oyajide Arm So Long, Oyajiide The ojamajos offer to help someone close to Seki-sensei while trying to locate the final cursed cards.


Marina Sharp Op Lies and Truth in Flower Language After Kimura insults Marina she struggles to deal with her feelings and begins to close herself towards others.


TCS7 Hana-chan's Health Examination The girls take Hana-chan for her first exam in the Magic World and struggle to impress the witch doctor in charge.


Kurara Miho OP Across Time, In Search of Onpu's Moms Secret! Onpu and the other girls travel back in time after she gets into a fight with her mother; who will not allow her to perform in a location that holds painful memories for her.


Baby Majorika The Search for the Herbs! Maho-dou's Bus Trip After Hana-chan is fit to start eating Magic Herbs the girls go out to search for them. On the way they come across a kind elderly woman who seems to have a personal relationship with Majorika.


Fourth grade High School Student Aiko is "The Girl Who Ran"!? Aiko is asked to read a new story from Nobuko and begins to imagine herself in it upon realizing it is about her. But she becomes so entranced by the story that it is up to the others to snap her out of it while they all begin to question their life as a highschool student.


Reiko little Hazuki-chan Learns how to Dance!? Hazuki is forced into performing traditional dance and does not like it. To solve it, the girls try to help her become more honest with her feelings and mother.


Eh yellow card The Health Examination's Yellow Cards! The girls learn of the dreaded yellow card system as they prepare for Hana-chan's next exam. Will the girls be able to pass the test; especially after already being given three of them?


Dreary Doremi Becomes a Bride? Doremi considers giving up everything to be with a ranchers son and live on a farm; but is this boy as perfect as he seems to be?


Crayon Pop's First Love? Her Beloved Jyunichi-Sensei! Pop is smitten by the new teacher at her school; but will love find a way when it comes to envious friends and a sister who also shares this crush?


Pray Mother's Day and the Drawing of Mother As Mothers Day rolls around; painful memories come along with it...


Hana Crawls First Time Crawling!? Big Panic at the Harukaze House! Doremi brings Hana-chan home to let Majorika and Lala catch up on some lost sleep; but problems arise when the Magical Baby goes missing.


Shocked Group Hana-chan's Crawling Exam Hana-chan's next exam comes up; this time involving crawling.


Glaring Dodo Runs Away From Home!! After Doremi takes out her frustration on Dodo, she gets fed up over how little Doremi appreciates her and runs away!


Kindergarten DoHazu Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight After criticizing each others mothering, Hazuki and Doremi get into a huge fight and decide to stop being friends.


Cheery I Can Meet Mom! Aiko's Tearful Reunion The ojamajo help Aiko out when she finally has a chance to visit her mother on the same day she was supposed to have a nice dinner with her dad. Will they be able to pull it off?


Ah! The Misanthropist Majo Don and The Promise of The Herb The ojamajo are sent on a seemingly easy task to retrieve a special herb from a stingy, cold witch who hates humans!


Oyajide Returns The Wizard's Trap - Oyajide Returns The ojamajo meet Oyajide after he fled a while back, but has he really changed for the better or should they be concerned he may not be up to any good?


Hana cheering Using new powers to Rescue Hana-chan! After their depressing loss against Oyajide, the ojamajo are given brand new powers in order to take back their baby!


Bread Pile Fried Bread Power is Scary! The ojamajo attempt to help their friend with his dreams of becoming a sumo wrestler... but is that what he really wants?


PrincessDoremi The Mysterious Pretty Boy, Akatsuki-kun Appears! Doremi has finally met her perfect man. He's handsome, protective, charming, AND he likes her back! Is there more to this pretty boy then meets the eye though?


Support Kanae-chan's Diet Plan After the SOS trio take their teasings too far the ojamajo try to help Kanae-chan lose some weight. But in the process they realize that their plans to help everyone with their weight may have been a little much...


Turning The Herb from the North and the Precious Memories The ojamajo go to Hokkaido in search of a herb with Majoririka. But along the way Doremi happens to see her father with a woman. Is something going on or is she reading more into it?


Dark Night Health Examination Full of Hidden Dangers The next magic babies exam is coming up but with Oyajide a threat and hiding out in the Witch World will this be the one they fail?!


NobuCandles Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!? It's once again time for everyone to head over to the Yamauchi Shrine and visit Nobuaki for the annual courage test!


Yuki's concern Seki-sensei's Got a Boyfriend!? The ojamajo try to help Seki-sensei's romance bloom while trying to figure out if this man is really the right person for their teacher.


02.31.10 The FLAT 4 Arrive from the Wizard World! Fujio, Leon, and Tooru, three more young wizards, join Akatsuki (together known as the FLAT 4) and Oyajide in their question to retrieve the magic baby, while the girls prepare for the seventh health examination.


02.32.09 Fly Away! Dodo and the Other Fairies' Big Transformation While Dodo and the other fairies become trapped and transform in the new laptop given to the girls by the Queen, the FLAT 4 successfully kidnap Hana and put the blame on the unknowing Oyajide.


02.33.07 Say Cheese During the Class Trip! On a school trip, Kaori takes charge of taking pictures, but she goes overboard and produces some embarrassing photos of everyone.


02.33.06 Takoyaki is the Taste of Making Up Aiko and Onpu argue with each other after Aiko misunderstands the importance of the idol's feelings.


02.35.05 Aim for the Top in the Sports Festival! The kindergarteners are preparing for the athletic track meet. During practice, it's revealed that Kimitaka has a few cooperation and balance problems.


02.36.06 Aiko and her Rival! Sports Showdown! The athletic Leon of the FLAT 4 challenges Aiko to all sorts of sports, while Hana wanders off chasing a dragonfly.


37.06 Hana-chan and Pop are Both Taking Examinations! Hana's next health examination and Pop's Level 4 apprentice test occur at the same time. Hana's actions begin to affect Pop's test.


02.38.06 Hazuki-chan's a Great Director! Hazuki is chosen to direct the class play for the talent show, but encounters difficulties when she is unable to make her own decisions.


39.07 A Selfish Child and the Angry Monster After Hana passes another health examination, Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko go to see Onpu's filming in Kyoto. The kid who plays Onpu's brother, Chikara, gets jealous of Onpu spending more time with Doremi and the others.


02.40.10 The Piano Comes to the Harukaze House! Pop asks her mother to teach her how to play the piano.


02.41.06 Chase after Onpu! The Path to Becoming an Idol! Tooru tries to become an idol like Onpu, but fails in every way. Oyajide attempts another kidnapping.


42.09 The Witch Who Does Not Cast Magic Majoheart is revealed to have an adopted daughter, Majoran. Majoran refuses to use magic, and is trying to get to the Queen's castle.


43.10 Hana-chan's Our Classmate!? Because Majorika and Lala are ill, the girls take Hana to school.


02.44.05 A Happy White Christmas The girls get to spend time with their families on Christmas Eve. Although there are happy times, there are sad times as well.


02.45.08 Ojamajo Era Drama: The Young Girls Show Their Valor! The girls go into a Storybook world, with the characters portrayed by notable people during the season.


02.46.09 The Last Examination - Hana-chan's Mom Will Protect Her! During the final Health Exam, the girls are taken away by the FLAT 4. Their thoughts are clouded, yet they carry out their duty of kidnapping Hana. Can Doremi get through to them?


02.47.05 Give Back Hana-chan! The Great Magic Battle It's the girls against Oyajide and Ojijide as they race against the clock for the fate of the Witch and Wizard worlds and Hana.


48.13 Hana-chan's Dying!? Picking up from the last episode, the past Queen of the Witch World curses Hana, making her very ill. There is only one thing that can cure her, the Love Supreme flower in a cursed forest, but if she isn't cured, Hana will die.


49.16 Good Bye, Hana-chan The four witch apprentices go in to the forest and retrieve the Love Supreme flower, however the previous queen tries to stop them. Doremi finally gets the flower and Hana is saved, but they fall asleep for 1000 years. Hana calls out to them, which awakens her mothers. When they saved Hana, their crystals break. They can't see Hana again because of this, and they part ways.