Ojamajo Doremi 17 2nd ~Kizashi~
Ojamajo Doremi 17 2
Kanji おジャ魔女どれみ17 2nd 〜KIZASHI〜
Writer Midori Kuriyama
Illustrator Yoshihiko Umakoshi
Volume No. 5
Release Date October 2, 2013
Next Volume Ojamajo Doremi 17 3rd ~Come On!~
Previous Volume Ojamajo Doremi 17

Ojamajo Doremi 17 2nd ~Kizashi~ is the is the 5th installment in the Light Novel Series. The cover features Momoko Asuka in her Motto apprentice uniform.


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I, Doremi Harukaze am currently a sophomore at High School. Hazuki has gone towards the path of becoming a violinist, Aiko's leg has healed in time for her to practise for the Olympic Games, Onpu has decided on a new acting role, and Momo-chan is on the road to becoming a pastry chef. I on the other hand just can't decide what to do with myself. Meanwhile, it seems that Onpu-chan has fallen in love. She really seems to be serious about this, I wonder what will happen?.


  • Chapter 1 - Take Me to the Future
  • Chapter 2 - Our Respective Choices
  • Chapter 3 - Sweet Valentine
  • Chapter 4 - Heroine at Level 1
  • Chapter 5 - GO! GO! Cheerleader
  • Interview with Nami Miyahara


  • Momoko is shown in her Motto uniform to reference that she debuted in that season.


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