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Ojamajo Doremi 17
Kanji おジャ魔女どれみ17
Writer Midori Kuriyama
Illustrator Yoshihiko Umakoshi
Volume No. 4
Release Date July 2, 2013
Next Volume Ojamajo Doremi 17 2nd ~Kizashi~
Previous Volume Ojamajo Doremi 16 - Turning Point

Ojamajo Doremi 17 is the sequel series of Ojamajo Doremi 16. Like it's predecessor, it has three books and features the original work of Izumi Todo. The story was written by Midori Kuriyama and the artwork was done by Yoshihiko Umakoshi.

The release date was July 2nd and it came with a special Ojamajo Doremi 16/17 drama CD to celebrate the number of copies sold of the series. Everyone was voiced by their original VA.

The first novel of this series is Onpu Segawa oriented. While the second and third featured Momoko and Hana-chan.



Volume 1

Volume 2 - Kizashi

Volume 3 - COME ON!


  • The orange 16 of the previous has now turned into a green 17.
  • Onpu is the first ojamajo shown on cover to break the "finger count" the previous three had done. 
  • The way Roro hides on the cover is reminiscent to how she used to hide during Onpu's first season appearances. She's the first yousei to appear on the light novel covers.


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