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The Ojamajo Doremi Manga was created by Manga author, Izumi Todo (a pseudonym/house name for the staff in toei animation) and manga artist Takanashi Shizue.

It began to be released in October 5th 2000 and lasted until January 5th 2002 for a total of four manga, each with over 100 pages in it. It came out a year after the original series began airing, but ended around the time that Dokkan had almost finished airing. The first three issues covered the original first season and Sharp, while the fourth and final issue finished Sharp and started up Motto.

The Ojamajo Doremi manga has not been officially translated for the Western audience. But there has been fan translations scattered across the web.


Compared to the anime, various differences could be found. These included:

  • Changing the character attire frequently. From different colors, patterns, and entirely new outfits not seen in the anime.
  • Witch frogs have naturally visible hands and feet, and looked to be like a large blob, rather than a blob-like frog.
  • Hana-chan was replaced by a small male cherub named "Boo-chan".
  • When Momoko became a witch apprentice, she was wearing the sharp outfit instead of the carnival one.
  • Many witches don't exist in the manga. Only Majomonroe, Majomiller, and Majocarla appeared in the Motto manga.
  • In Sharp, Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu didn't show romantically like Flat4. However, in the manga they were shown to reciprocate their feelings. In both forms, Doremi had a crush on Akatsuki.
  • The Fairies are absent in the manga.


  • Although Hazuki is the 2nd ojamajo, Aiko had the 2nd manga cover based on her.
  • Momoko's hair is depicted green here, like in several of the merchandise.
  • The manga often came with stickers, seiyuu notes, how to draw pictures, and fan drawings.
  • It is theorized, and later confirmed that the Manga lasted so shortly because it was unpopular.
  • This is one of the few anime series to have started as an Anime, instead of a Manga.




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