Ojamajo Doremi (First Season)
First season logo
Season No. 1
Episode Count 51
Opening Theme Ojamajo Carnival!!
Ending Theme Kitto Ashita wa
Start Date February 7th, 1999 (JP)

August 13th, 2005 (US)

End Date January 30th, 2000 (JP)

April 29th, 2008 (US)

Next Season Ojamajo Doremi Sharp

Ojamajo Doremi is the first season of the Ojamajo Doremi anime series. This season made it's premiered on February 7th, 1999 and ran for 51 episodes, before eventually concluding on January 30, 2000 to be succeeded it's sequel; Ojamajo Doremi Sharp. The notable motifs in this season included magic, music and friendship.


List of Ojamajo Doremi Season One Episodes


Doremi Harukaze is an unlucky girl in love, who after getting into trouble at school finds herself outside of the mysterious Maho-do, run by the equally mysterious Majorika. There, Doremi accidentally compares her to a witch, causing the woman to suddenly change into a witch frog!

Angry with Doremi, Majorika decides to transform her into an Apprentice Witch to make her change her back. Along the way Doremi finds herself unable to resist telling her best friend Hazuki Fujiwara, and the new girl, Aiko Senoo and they join her when Majorika sees no other choice but to accept their help. As new apprentice witch, the three elementary students are forced to juggle their daily activities; from going to school and activities to working at the Maho-do to practicing for their witch exams.  

Over time an old rival of Majorika's, Majoruka shows up to steal the shop and in this time, Doremi's sister, Pop finds herself smitten with Majorika and as the girls attempt to keep their secrets under wraps and get the shop back, they accidentally return after ridding of Majoruka; just in time for Pop to witness them transformed. Once again Majorika finds herself unwillingly accepting the help of another human girl. With their threat gone, the girls are free to continue until they are tasked with locating the various Cursed Cards, stolen and then lost by the mysterious wizard, Oyajide. But as they begin to track them down and gain further upgrades to their items, a famous Child Idol joins their school by the
name of Onpu Segawa.

This strange girl appears to befriend them fairly quickly, but to their shock she goes on to reveal that she is actually a threat, being an apprentice who works under Majoruka. To their horror, she also uses a bad object, allowing her to commit as much bad magic as she wants with no reprocussions.

In hopes of convincing Onpu to stop her bad ways, the girls continue with their daily lives and eventually, truly get her to realize how nice it can be to have earnest friends, and help people rather than manipulate them. This proves to be fatal after Onpu's charm rots away and she commits a final bad act, using forbidden magic to erase the memories of their parents and friends after the group of people show up at the Maho-do when they finish taking their final exams.

At first Onpu appears to be fine but soon falls into a coma the Witch Queen informs them should last over one hundred years. But after witnessing the girls grief over this, she reasons with them by mentioning there is a chance to help her, but warns them, saying that should they fail, they must give up being witches and go back to being normal little girls...

Magic Items

As apprentice the girls are given devices that help them transform into witches or gain their wands; these being the Tap and Pollon. To fuel these however, they must collect Magic Spheres, which are also used as the witch worlds currency.

Once the girls became level 6 apprentice they gained an upgraded Pollon that is made by combining their current wand with a cherished musical instrument. These were used to defeat Majoruka and drive her away.

Eventually the Cursed Cards were revealed to them, along with the Pureleine computer; which they recieved for being pure-hearted girls who always resisted temptation to act greedily.  

Apprentice Uniform

In comparison to the rest of the series, the apprentice uniforms start out very simple: A plain dress with leaf shaped skirt and sleeves. Their gloves and boots were very plain and colored darker then their dress and hat, and gained a chain of rainbow beads on each wrist to match the spherical orb-earrings. The tap is worn on the apprentices chest. 

Onpu's uniform was the same, but on the ring on her hat was a smaller ring for her ponytail to stick out. She also held her magic charm on her bracelet. 



The maho-do's original appearance.

The maho-do began life as a magical charm store; ranging from necklaces, rings, to even figurines, keychains, plates and other accessories. A hidden hallway lies behind the door, with many doors. One that leads to a restroom and one to the kitchen. A magical door lays in the very back, and depending on the time of day it will either be the Back Yard, or it will be the portal to the witch world.  

The girls would make charms made of clay and due to their apprentice-level work, it was only said that the charms would ever rarely work. It is explained that all the girls can really do is hope or wish that the spell on the charm will work, but it is never guaranteed. While Aiko and Hazuki were able to make wonderful, cute charms, Doremi struggled greatly and rarely sold anything. 


  • Originally this series was to be a single season, which was why it ended the way it did. But because of it's massive popularity, Sharp and the other seasons followed afterwards. 
  • Four episodes began with the title "I want".
  • At the end of the theme song, there was an error with Hazuki that was never fixed. Whenever she jumped back with Aiko and Doremi, her boots would momentarily turn pink to match Doremi's.


End Cards