Nozomi Waku was an ill human girl featured in episode 12 of Naisho. She only appeared in one episode and her official color is green.

There isn't much personal info about Non-chan, given how late in the final series she appeared and her appearance being only one episode. However, she is one of the most popular one-shot characters along with Fami-chan.



When she first met Doremi, Non-chan was scolded for teasing the odango haired girl. She seems to have a strong intuition when it comes to using magic and as to who or what is a witch. She proved this when she mentioned being suspicious of Majo Rika after visiting the shop sometime back when she was more healthy. She really wanted to find out but she became sick shortly afterward and had to be hospitalized.

Non-chan is shown to enjoy drawing and art in general. She also loves to play card games and, due to her spare time, has become very good at them! It was even mentioned that she has never been beaten even once.

Non-chan was sure that one day she would become a witch but began losing hope after realizing her condition was becoming worse. This was even right after it seemed to be improving too. She was concerned over never being able to cast magic or live out her dreams and began to doubt. Doremi and the others suddenly appeared the following evening and, with their help, Non-chan learned magic really did exist...

Nozomi also was very close to her mother and wanted more then anything to have a fun snowball fight with her when she got recovered. Because of this, Doremi saw to it that she and Non-chan's mother had one when Non-chan died. Doremi was given Non-chan's "Magic" Poker Cards as a memento and a sign of their friendship...


Sometimes, Non-chan is confused for a boy. She noticeably lacks any hair due to her cancer but makes up for this by wearing an emerald green bandana around her head with teal colored markings. At one point, it can be assumed she did have hair, but being a cancer patient she lost it through chemotherapy. Her eyes resemble Aiko's, but are much more dull in color.

Non-chan wears non-gender specific type clothing. Being a live-in patient at the hospital, her common attire was a light green-yellow pajama set with dark green lining and a peach-orange sweater worn over her shoulders, resembling a blanket.


Doremi met Non-chan while visiting Shiori in the hospital after she came to the wrong area. At first, Doremi didn't know Non-chan was a patient and got annoyed because Non-chan teased her about her mistake. Doremi even confused Non-chan's gender but was quickly corrected.

Non-chan had been in the hospital due to having cancer. This didn't bother Doremi though and the two girls quickly became friends. Bonding over witches and magic, Doremi admired the many pictures Non-chan made of herself as a witch. But this caused Doremi to worry, since she thought Non-chan figured out her secret while the two of them played cards.

It was later revealed that Non-chan was very depressed before Doremi came into her life. Non-chan's parents gave her their thanks to Doremi for giving her happiness. By then, Non-chan was starting to feel depressed again on account of feeling that magic really wasn't real and with it her dreams of becoming a witch. Hearing this, Doremi and Co. decided to grant her her wish for one night, proving once and for all to her that magic and witches do exist.

Non-chan died at a later day. Doremi was rushing over to see her and inform her that she was allowed to become a witch, as the Witch Queen had granted permission to do so and even expressed an interest in meeting her. However, she knew something was wrong the moment she saw Non-chan's mother standing in front of the cemetery by the hospital and soon learned of her new friend's death...

Doremi received Non-chan's deck of cards from Non-chan's mother as a memento and as a sign of their friendship. Both soon had a snowball fight so that Non-chan's promise would be fulfilled through Doremi.

As a witch

The Ojamajos decided to grant Non-chan her wish and let her become a witch for a single night. Her magic was very small in ability as a result. She didn't use a wand, so it may not have even been real. It was shown when the Ojamajos also cast their magic when she tried to.

When Non-chan cast magic, she only had to use her hands. On her chest was a big ivy green sphere, which may have, or may not have been her crystal ball, had she been given one.

Her witch uniform resembles the season one attire, while also fitting her own drawing. This may have been coincidental.

After they talked to the Witch Queen, it was decided Non-chan could be a real apprentice.

But the following morning Doremi learned it was too late...

Ojamajo Doremi 17

Although she has long since passed on (about six years currently), Non-chan is brought up during the second volume of Ojamajo Doremi 17 when Hazuki informs Hana-chan of who she is. After being told of what happened, it was said Hana-chan cried.


  • Although her appearance before losing her hair to cancer has never been shown, it is implied she had brown hair worn in pigtails due to a drawing she drew of herself as a Witch Apprentice.
  • Non-chan is the third character with "-chan" in their official name. The other two being Fami-chan and Hana-chan.
  • She is one of the rare characters drawn with a fang-like tooth consistently.
  • Not counting Patisserie, her uniform is the only Ojamajo uniform that does not come with earrings.
  • Nozomi means "Wish, Hopes, Desires" while Waku is known as "Waku Waku" which means "Excitement". Its possible her name can mean "Exciting Wish".
  • The light novel series revealed that her date of death was on the 27th of February.
  • It was snowing on both the days she died and when she was diagnosed with cancer.