Nobuaki Yamauchi

Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Youji Ietomi

Nobuaki Yamauchi is one of the ojamajo's classmates until Motto where he is one of the students to be put into an alternate class with only a few of the girls. Son of the Buddist temple "Yamauchi-dera", he is shown to be a very gentle, passive character with a small interest in ghostly things like spirits. Because of this, yearly he invites his classmates and friends to come to hear scary stories before they go outside for courage tests.

Nobuaki is a close friend of Natsumi Sato, a girl who comes from a Christian Church family and because of this, they struggle to maintain their friendship due to their families conflicts with each other. But this does eventually get worked out.


As said, Nobuaki is a very gentle boy in comparison to most of the others. While he isn't completely innocent and has a teensy bit of a trickster side to him, he is usually seen to be very kind and thoughtful of others. He feels no hatred for others and doesn't seem to scare very easily, embracing the Buddhist lifestyle. He can somewhat see and feel spirits and likes to walk through the cemetery by the family temple.

Nobuaki is also respectful to others whether they deserve it or not. But because of how quiet he is, he can surprise or shock others with ease and usually doesn't mean to do so. However, Nobuaki can be somewhat emotional when it comes to personal experiences. Such as the sadness he felt at never seeing his grandfathers ghost and blaming himself for it, due to his initial anger he expressed. But once the situation was solved and he managed to see his grandfather, he easily wept in both sadness and joy.

Nobuaki is also rather submissive and does as he is expected. While he really cared about Natsumi and wanted to be her friend, he did also care about the family and as a result, had no problems straining their friendship to show respect. But the moment everything was fixed, he was willing to accept her affectionate gestures.


Nobuaki is a fair skinned male who can usually be found smiling just a little. He has gray-blue coloured hair that he keeps shaved due to how little to no hair Buddhist males normally have. His eyes, while usually squinted have a darker shade of blue.

Nobuaki's basic outfit consists of a dull blue button-up T-shirt with a collar and pocket. He also wears khaki pants that end some inches above his ankles, worn with a white belt and dark gray sneakers.


  • Nobuaki's name is very close to Nobuko's. Also, note they both have last names that begin with Y.
  • Nobuaki has a theme song that can be found on the Ojamajo Dokkan CD Club Volume 6: Character Vocal Collection (Class 6-2). It is titled Butsu (buddha) Batsu (penalty), Nice Guy.