Naomi Okuyama

Dub Name Gia
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Miwa Matsumoto

Naomi Okuyama is a classmate of Doremi.


Naomi often makes appearances through the series as a classmate and friend of the girls. Because of her height she often-times outgrows her clothing and is teased a lot for it and how she looks.


Naomi is a tan-skinned girl with small blue eyes and short, dark brown hair worn in a boyish cut. Due to her feelings of insecurity and her quick growing rate, Naomi often dresses in boyish outfits. She is normally seen in a dark green top with a rust-red jacket lined with yellow, a pair of gray pants, and blue and white sneakers.


Normally Naomi is confident and cool. She acts calm and easy-going, and is very talented with sports. However, she expresses the desire to embrace a girlier, cute side because nobody expects it of her and she actually likes those types of things. She is often teased or bullied by the boys, leaving her to feel insecure. When alone or with other girls, she tends to show her more vulnerable side.


SOS Trio - Naomi is often seen butting-heads with this trio. She isn't amused by their jokes, but their often taunts usually makes her chase after them and forces them in uncomfortable situations to make them apologize. They may be friends deep down.

Yuji Sagawa - The SOS member Naomi is often seen interacting with. Sagawa was the one to hurt her feelings after her birthday party and when she didn't forgive him later, Sagawa seemed to have become distraught. Hints have shown that they may have feelings for each other.


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