Nanako Okada

Dub Name Autumn Harrison
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Kajikawa Sahori

Mamiko Noto

Nanako Okada is one of the background characters and classmates of Doremi and Co until Ojamajo Doremi Motto when she is put into class 6-1, with Doremi, Momoko, and Hana-chan. She has made multiple appearances in the series but has had one episode starring her personally.

Nanako is a gentle animal loving girl and one of the ojamajo's closest friends in school.



Nanako is a very friendly and nice girl. She is sweet and never rude to others unless they have truly hurt her, and she is one of the few girls to express concern over the ojamajo and side with them early on in the series. She is highly sensitive but covers it by trying to just avoid discussing problems; implying that she hasn't really learned how to express herself entirely yet. 

When she gets angry it can come off as a surprise, but she tries not to make a big fuss, choosing to just tell off the person she's angry with before storming off. 

Since Hazuki helped her rekindle her love of animals, Nanako has opened up severly. She is very patient with them and kind, even if they were to make a mess or cause problems. 


Nanako is a young girl with fair sin and light brown eyes. She has light brown hair that is medium-short in length and worn in low pigtails. Her bangs curl just slightly above her eyes.

Her outfit is a simple pale yellow blouse-styled parka with a pocket on the belly. Along with a dark tea-rose frilled skirt that ends at her knees, very pale pink socks, and lilac flats resembling loafers.

Other Outfits

  • Kindergarten School Uniform
  • As a little girl, Nanako wore a tea-rose dress with puffed sleeves and matching flats. Her socks were very pale yellow, matching the hair ribbons.
  • Somewhat older, Nanako rid of the pink and yellow color scheme to go for a blue one. She wore a dark blue blouse with light blue lines all over it, a pair of gray khaki pants, and a pair of blue and gray flats. She also rid of her hair bows.
  • When she was really little she could be seen with a pinkish-purple jacket with fluffy trim and pockets during winter. Her shoes matched with pale yellow orbs on them. 


Nanako was always an animal lover. She tended to them until years after when her parents got her a dog for her birthday. She was very little, but very responsible and tended to it's every needs. But a year or two later (a year prior to the current events in said episode), after throwing a stick that incidentally went onto the road her dog had gone to get it and was hit by a truck in front of her. Since then Nanako gave up on animals and pretended to hate them instead. Her parents offered countless times to get her a new dog, but she always refused.

One day Hazuki and Nanako were supposed to tend to the class rabbit called Lulu but Nanako never shown up to do her share. After Hazuki confronted her, Nanako told her off and refused to speak to the group anymore. But Hazuki forced her to watch one of the rabbits by claiming she couldn't do it herself and although initially hesitant, Nanako takes the rabbit with no other choice. At first she seemed to hate it, but after a while she grew to enjoy the rabbits company. But when she left the room to get something for it, she hadn't been aware of the opened window in her bedroom, allowing the rabbit to escape.

This made Nanako panic and she called the ojamajo. But by the time they found the rabbit it had been badly attacked by the Mean Cat. They rushed it to the animal hospital, where Nanako angrily told off Hazuki for getting involved. But when the rabbit had been healed, thanks to Hazuki casting forbidden magic, Nanako realized she was only trying to help her and make her happy again. By then, Nanako forgave her and the two girls became friends.

Magical Doremi

In the dub Nanako was renamed Autumn Harrison. In terms of personality she was about the same in behavior but did not have enough exposure to show more of it.


  • When she was originally depicted, Nanako was shown with dark purple hair and a mustard-yellow blouse. This may have been her original color scheme, but before the classroom scene ended she was shown with her normal color scheme.