Mutsumi Kudo

Name 工藤むつみ Kudō Mutsumi
Dub Name Melissa
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Residence Misora
Voice Actors
Japanese Chizuru Matsuyuki

Mutsumi Kudo is a friend and classmate of the girls. She stars in two episodes, "I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!" from season 1, and "Mutsumi's Retirement Announcement!" from Dokkan. During the final three seasons of the series, Mutsumi is in Doremi, Momoko, and Hana-chan's class.


Mutsumi is a gentle girl with a not-so-gentle interest in wrestling. She is a big fan of the female pro-wrestler Candy Ito and dreams of becoming like her someday. She has an ambiguous relationship with a friend and classmate, Takeshi Hasebe. Given her reactions around him, she may harbour feelings for him.


Mutsumi is fair-skinned with light brown eyes and short hair that frames her face with a short tuft of bangs and forelocks that surround her ears and is slightly longer. She wears a soft blue top with a white collar, button strap, and cuffs, along with a denim fold skirt held with a button, dark brown loafers, and white tube socks.


Mutsumi is cheerful and friendly, unafraid of any challenge that comes her way- to the point of making threats or boldly taunting someone who considers running away from her. She isn't a bully though, and will only go after those who challenged or mock her first. Courageous and determined, she has no problem taking on the most threatening of opponents.

However, she also gets upset with the idea that girls or those who are short may not be equal towards the bigger and stronger males or people. She struggles to handle personal mocking and shares her short height in common with her idol. When they were shown to interact, Candy and Mutsumi got along very well.

Mutsumi is also easy to excite with a spunky nature. She has a basic sibling relationship with her older brother.


"Candy may be small, but she does a lot of training, so she's very strong!"


  • In the dub, she is one of the few characters without a last name mentioned.
  • She appears in Ojamajo Doremi 17 - Volume 3
  • In the opening of an episode, she wore an outfit reminiscent of Candy's but with some differences.