Mrs. Taniyama
PDVD 101

Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Kaida Yuki

Mrs. Taniyama is the wife of Mr. Taniyama and the mother of  Shota Taniyama.


A gentle homemaker who works at the family owned bar and eatery with her husband. At first she was unable to support Shota's dreams of becoming a Shogi player due to the issues it caused her husband.


Like her husband, Mrs. Taniyama dresses in a traditional style. She has pale skin and small dark brown eyes, almost the color of her hair. She wears her hair in a bun held by a single pin with an orange sphere on the end of it. Her attire consists of a simple dark green kimono worn with a white, long sleeved dress/apron on top of it.


Mrs. Taniyama is gentle and quiet woman with a bad temper if pushed enough. She can be strict and will speak her mind, but she cares about her family deeply and wishes only for everyone to be happy.


At first she was very supportive over her husbands dreams to become a champion Shogi player. But after being banned from playing it at a certain point, due to his age, he became depressed and spent his time drinking. She blamed this for ruining everything and has since banned the game from their household.

After Seki-sensei points out that she would be taking away Shota's dream and passion she realizes that he didn't deserve it and gained a new, restored faith in the game, as has her husband.