Mrs. Osawa
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Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Takatani Ayumi

Mrs. Osawa is the wife of Mrs. Osawa and the mother of Shinzou Osawa. She is a one-shot character who appears in Sharp


Mrs. Osawa is married to a rancher and lives in the Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku. She met the girls after their performance the evening they came to the area. 


Mrs. Osawa appears to be very youthful compared to her husband and has a noticeable curvy figure. She has fair skin and dark, bright blue eyes. Her hair is bright blonde and reaches her shoulders, where it flips outward. She wears typical clothing of a cow girl; consisting of a white top, brown leather boots to match her hat worn around her neck, and a pair of turqoise short-shorts. 


Mrs. Osawa is a very noticeable adult woman with a proud personality. She is very loving towards her family and cares for her husband and son deeply; even asking the girls not to be angry with Shinzou for his flirty behavior. 


  • It is possible that Mrs. Osawa is from American roots, or has come from there; due to her appearance.