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Mrs. Hayashi

Gender Female
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Mrs. Hayashi is the mother of Ryota Hayashi and a one-shot character who appears in the episode "Ryota and the midnight monster".



Mrs. Hayashi is a young adult woman with slightly tanned skin and small, dark brown colored eyes. She has short brown hair, with part of it sticking out and her bangs neatly brushed to the side.

She wears a dark, dull red shirt with collar, a pale blue skirt, and a pair of socks with olive green slippers.


While initially nice towards house guests, she is quickly frustrated- especially when it comes to obsessions over fictional things. She is harsh on her son, but means well and worries over him deep down. She reacts with disgust whenever Gazamadon is mentioned, and can even be a bit hostile towards others without meaning to be.





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