Mr. Taniyama
PDVD 067

Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Ginzo Matsuo

Mr. Taniyama is the husband of Mrs. Taniyama and the father of Shota Taniyama.

Mr. Taniyama and his wife run a small eatery/bar in their home. But like his son, he originally had a deep burning passion for playing Shogi. After losing a game, he gave up playing Shogi as there is a rule. If your not a pro by the time your thirty, you have to leave the league. So his time was then often spent arguing with Mrs. Taniyama and drinking.



Mr. Taniyama is a cool and stoic adult man. He doesn't show his feelings very often and can become quite flustered or silly when he attempts to. Often-times, his compliments towards someone may sound a little offensive, though its clear he's just being shy.

While he may not seem it, Mr. Taniyama cares very deeply for his family. After Shota wins the Shogi Tournament, he promises to get back into the game and quite drinking.


Mr. Taniyama resembles a typical adult asian male. He seems to be very traditional, given the dark teal-blue kimono he wears, with a black sash around his waist. He is deeply tanned and has very small black eyes and thinning eyebrows. His hair is cut very close to his head and is black.

During the episode, he's also shown in a work uniform consisting of a white color schemed top, pants, apron, and a hat.


  • Mr. Taniyama is one of the first few people shown smoking.