Mr. Osawa

Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Kimura Masafumi

Mr. Osawa is the husband of Mrs. Osawa and the father of Shinzou Osawa. He is a one-shot character who appears in Sharp


Mr. Osawa is a rancher who lives at the Iwate Prefecture at Tohoku. Onpu's concert took place on his land, which was how he met the girls and introduced them to the rest of his family.  


Mr. Osawa is an older gentleman with fair skin and long puffy gray hair to match his mustache. He was depicted in a brown and orange themed jacket and shirt with matching pants and shoes. His cowboy hat is beige with a dark brown band. 


Compared to his wife and son, Mr. Osawa appears to be rather gentle and quiet. He flusters easily and is very proud, but humble.