Mother's Day and the Drawing of Mother
Japanese Title 母の日とお母さんのにがお絵

Haha no Hi to Okā-san no Nigaoe

Season Sharp
Episode № 15 (66)
Air Date May 14, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Junichi Sato

Hideki Hiroshima

Episode Direction Junichi Sato

Hideki Hiroshima

Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
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Opening Clip

In a slow-paced scene, Shiori and her father are revealed praying to her mother's grave.


As Mother's Day rolls around; painful memories come along with it... 


At school art class is underway. When they are asked to make suggestions for what to make in class, Tamaki brings up that since Mother's Day is approaching, they should make something in relation to their mothers. Seki-sensei likes the idea, so she agrees with it, although she is aware that a few students do not feel comfortable doing it. However she thinks it may be for the best. But as class goes on, Yada simply refuses to draw anything, and he notices that Shiori isn't either. 

Meanwhile, Hazuki tries to compliment Doremi's bad picture as Onpu compliments Aiko's painting. Seki-sensei decides to walk around the class when she notices a few of the students arent working. Yada takes the red paint he has nearby and uses it to make an offensive gesture by drawing something before storming out of the class. Seki-sensei follows after him and asks him why he is doing this, but he just brings up Shiori's mother and asks Seki-sensei why she is making her try to draw an image of her before leaving again. 

At the maho-do, Hazuki explains to everyone that Yada's mother had been killed in a car accident when they were back in kindergarten. Since then his father his remarried, and she recalls seeing his new mother at Parents Day, and seeing them go out shopping. The girls wonder if maybe Yada doesn't get along with her though, given his behavior in class. But they aren't able to discuss it more, as Majorika comes to tell the girls that she bought a lot of carnations and she is sure that they can make a lot of money off of them, so the girls need to sell them no matter what.

It is then Doremi notices how upset Aiko looks. But when she questions her sudden mood, Aiko claims to be fine. She then asks why children without mothers wear a white carnation while those with mothers wear red, and Lala explains that it's a tradition in foreign countries to send the deceased white carnations. Aiko then walks off while mentioning that she is perfectly fine with red carnations. 

The following day, Shiori's father drops her off near the Oozumi Hospital sign. She runs off to Misora Park and happens to find Yada. They both begin to discuss their hatred for the Holiday, and unknown to them Onpu happens to see them while she drives by. She says nothing to them but keeps this in mind as she makes it to school while second period begins. 

She informs the others how Shiori and Yada are both absent and recalls how she saw them earlier. But when the SOS begin to act stupid and question if the two may be on a date, Hazuki starts to yell until she is accused of being jealous. Seki-sensei scolds everyone for the commotion however, so the girls get their yousei and have them change into them before they transform into apprentice witch and take off. 

Yada and Shiori continue to discuss Mother's Day when Shiori goes on to mention how she hates to be pitied and comforted by others, because it tends to make her feel worse. Yada points out that Seki-sensei should have been a lot more aware of how painful this would be for them, but she didn't. To their surprise, she suddenly shows up while the ojamajo stay back and watch from the nearby bushes. 

Seki-Sensei apologizes for what has happened, since she hadn't intended on hurting their feelings or making them feel any pain. In hopes of getting them to feel better she brings up how she had to go through this every Fathers Day, as he died when she was really little. Like them, she tried to force herself to be fine with it but sometimes it was really hard, and even to this day she finds it to be tough. She also recalls how because she did not have a father, she was rejected to be a private school teacher; something that both Shiori and Yada agree is stupid. But she says this is just how some places are, and while she understands their feelings, she does not think them feeling sorry for themselves is the best answer either. She also points out that their mothers up in heaven would feel sad if they happen to get depressed when it comes by. They would want Shiori and Yada to show them how well they are doing now. 

As Shiori starts to think this over, her father and Yada's mother show up. They voice their concern and worry, and Seki-sensei promises to explain everything to them later. She then calls out to the ojamajo, who have changed back to normal and came out of their hiding spot. 

It is then Hazuki points out that Yada acted the way he did the other day to try to help Shiori, and she mentions how she has not forgotten what her mother looked like, but she can't remember things from so long ago. This makes her sad because she realizes that one day she will completely forget her mother. Her father apologizes for not helping Shiori to his best ability like he could have, but she isn't angry with him since she knew he was trying to help her some how. 

Meanwhile, Yada tries (and fails) to deny that he is happy his worried mother came to look for him. To the point that he gets too flustered and runs off again. But this causes everyone to start laughing. 

Eventually sunset comes along. Aiko has been writing a letter to her mother while watching Hana-chan. She refuses to show the others what she wrote, and the girls are soon yelled at by Majorika to finish preparing for tomorrow.

When Mother's Day comes along, as Majorika was able to predict, they got a lot of customers. The girls are very surprised when Yada shows up to request some flowers, but he has no idea what to give since both a single white flower, and a single red one seems strange. So Hazuki shows him a nearby pot of Petunias and he decides to purchase them. 

After everyone leaves, Shiori comes to ask for a white carnation, but the ojamajo believe they have a more suitable present instead and they run off to fetch it. They go to the Maho-do back yard and transform, then cast Magical Stage on a flower known as Edelweiss, to make something very magical happen. Then they give the flowers to Shiori a moment later.

After this, everyone begins to give their parents their presents. Yada runs off flustered once again when his mom thanks him, Aiko uses magic to give mother a red carnation and the letter, Onpu bonds with her mom, Hazuki enjoys dinner with her family, and Haruka happily hugs Doremi and Pop

For her own gift, Shiori and her Father go to pray at the Cemetery. As they do, the magic from the Edelweiss goes off and to her surprise, Shiori is able to see her mother's figure as the episode ends. 


  • Please let Shiori-chan see her mother's face

Major Events

  • This is the first episode to hint at the friendship between Shiori and Yada. 
  • This episode reveals that Yada's birth mother was killed when he was little, along with the fact that his father has remarried.
  • Seki-Sensei reveals that she does not have a father currently. 


  • Notice that as they paint, Hazuki and Doremi's color palettes lack some of the colors that they were shown to include on their pictures. 
  • As the yousei come out of their crystal balls, Hazuki's appears to be just a bit darker then what it usually is.