Mota and Motamota
M and MM

Name モタ, モタモタ Mota, Motamota
Dub Name Rona and Drona
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuuko Kawasaki, Mota (small)

Yoko, Motamota (big)

English Jessica Calvello, Mota

Bella Hudson, Motamota

Mota and Motamota are two witches who work together as exam proctors throughout the series. In Sharp they gain two babies to watch over, Teki and Tekipaki.


A pair of slow-paced witches who are good friends or related.


The two witches look slightly alike, wearing the same costume with minor color scheme differences, the same makeup, and slightly similiar hair styles. They both wear a dark purple witch uniform with their hat cut in half for their hair to stick out of it, along with a crescent necklace and earrings. Mota's crescents face up while Motamota's face down. Their gloves match their hair colors.

Mota has fair skin with sleepy looking light auburn eyes worn with lavender eye shadow. She also wears red lipstick and has teal diamond marks on her cheeks. Her cyan hair sticks up out of her hat and curls into four separate sections, while the rest reaches her ears.

Motamota is slightly tanned and appears to be on the pudgy side, but is taller than Mota. She has small brown eyes with two purple triangles facing away from each other on each cheek, worn with red lipstick and emerald eye shadow. Her bright green hair is reminiscent of a bush and sticks out of her hat.


Old-fashioned and laid-back, these two witches are never seen apart from another. Mota appears to be the most serious of the two, but they both show an air-headed or my-pace type of personality. They are both very nice witches however, but they do enjoy teasing the girls every now and then. They can also be a bit lazy and have resorted to passing the girls without going through with the test, just to leave early for a trip they planned.


Mota and Motamota were first seen giving Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko their first exam. Hazuki and Aiko passed easily but gave Doremi a difficult item to make. As she did not know what the item was, she ended up making a steak instead. They complimented her on the steak's taste but told her that it was not the item requested and failed her because of it. (Aim for the level 9 Witch Exam!)

Motamota's 999th birthday happened very soon after and the two decided to make it a make-up exam where apprentices could retake their most recently failed exam. As luck would have it, Motamota fell sick, prompting her to ask Doremi to come back in about a hundred years or so. Doremi and Majo Rika instead decide to get the herb she needed, and after a long trip through the Witch World, find it right next to Mota and Motamota's home. They pass her on the exam and grant her Dodo. (To the Witch World!)

The third test they give involved asking them what their worst fears were with the intention of using them in the test. Only Aiko caught on and gave them falsified information, but even she had to go through the math and ghosts that Doremi and Hazuki admitted to. Mota and Motamota commented during the math test that taking Hazuki's form and distracting Majo Pon so they could switch places behind her back as "cheating". Majo Rika retorted that is was a magic exam and thus anything goes. Finally, they witnessed the act of kindness that the Ojamajos did in reuniting the Octopus with his Squid lover. Despite it all, it had taken them more time than allotted and thus prompted the duo to fail all three girls. The Queen herself appeared and vouched for the Ojamajos, decreeing that their act of kindness granted them a passing grade, making all three level 8 Witch Apprentices. (Everyone fails?! The level eight exam!)

Later on, the duo won a trip by playing the lottery. It was on short notice and happened to fall on the night that the level 7 exam took place. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko had come all this way tot take the exam only for catch them closing up their booth. Feeling bad and knowing how dramatic Doremi could get in this situation, the two passed them instantly so as to get to their trip. (Don't do it! Forbidden magic!)



  • Mota's crystal ball is a dark pink sphere, while Motamota has a blue cube.