"If only I had a magical broom..."

Momoko Cried!? The Secret of the Earring
Japanese Title ももこが泣いた!?ピアスの秘密

Momoko ga Naita!? Pierce no Himitsu

Season Motto
Episode № 2 (102)
Air Date February 11, 2001
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode I Hate You! But I Would Like To Be Your Friend!
Previous Episode Doremi, a Stormy New Semester

Opening Clip

A sad Momoko reads her book about witches and wishes that she had a broom, so she could fly back to Japan. Majomonroe comes along and shows her a magic trick and a cookie appears.


At school, Momoko refuses to let the school confiscate her earring. Momoko tells the story of her past in America, and how meeting Majomonroe helped her make friends.


Doremi, Aiko, Hazuki, Onpu and Pop are at the school's welcoming ceremony. Pop marches proudly with the other first-graders past the ojamajos. Meanwhile, Doremi is depressed, because she is no longer in the same class as Aiko, Hazuki and Onpu. The girls discover that Momoko is in the same class as Doremi's and are surprised to see a different looking Momoko. Momoko's earring is shining.

After the ceremony, Doremi tells the girls that Momoko doesn't speak Japanese, even though Momoko spoke Japanese fluently the day before. Doremi complains that she wants to be in the same class as the others. Toyokazu Sugiyama is also very sad because he is the only member of the SOS Trio in his new class. Hazuki was the only one, who laughed about his joke and now no one is laughing.

Tamaki Reika and Kaori Shimakura join the ojamajos and soon Tamaki starts a fight with Doremi and Aiko. Kaori tells Tamaki that she will not be the best in class, because they have a new classmate who is very intelligent. He is also the class representative and his name is Masato Rinno. Tamaki overhears that the boys in the class think that Momoko is the prettiest. School begins, and they went to their classrooms.

Tamaki is upset, that she is still not the prettiest girl in the class. Eventually, she noticed Momoko's earring.

Meanwhile, in the class of Aiko, Onpu and Hazuki, their new teacher introduces herself as Nishizawa Yuka. The pupils notice, that their new teacher is not really strict.

In the other classroom, Tamaki snitches Seki that Momoko has an earring, this is against the school rules. Seki commands Momoko to take her earring off. Momoko refuses because in the states nobody said anything about her earring. Seki and Momoko start a fight and Momoko begin to cry. She says that she doesn't want to go to school anymore if she has to take the earring off. Seki walks away and wants to talk to her parents.

At the Maho-Do, Aiko, Hazuki, Majorika and Lala bargain with Dela. Doremi joins the group. Doremi tells the other girls what happened at school with Momoko. They come to the conclusion, that there is a story behind the earring, so they want to visit Momoko at home.

Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko transform and they fly to Momokos home. Doremi transforms them into hamsters. They sneak into her house and overhear a talk between Momoko and her mother. They fight about the earring, then Momoko locks herself in her room.

The three girls decide to talk to Momoko's mother because they discovered that she speaks Japanese. Minori Asuka tells them the reason why Momoko doesn't speak Japanese. They moved to the United States five years ago and wanted to stay there. Momoko had to learn English, so they didn't talk in Japanese with her. After a half year, she was fluent in English. Now she can only talk English. Because of the job of Momoko's father, they had to go back to Japan.

The girls want to talk to Momoko. They mime difficult words, so Momoko understands them. Momoko follows them to the Maho-Do, where Onpu awaits the four girls. Momoko changes into Patisserie form. With her headset, she can now understand the ojamajos. Doremi, Aiko, Hazuki and Onpu also change into Patisserie form.

Momoko tells the other girls now the story behind the earring. In New York, a woman called Majomonroe took care of her. She also gave her the earring. Five years ago, Momoko and her family moved to New York because of her father. She was always alone because she couldn't understand English. One day, she wanted to have a broom so she could fly to Japan. Then Majomonroe came along, gave her a cookie and talked to her. From that day on, Momoko visited Majomonroe every day at her Maho-do and Majomonroe taught her English. Because of her, she met a lot of friends soon. Majomonroe was like a grandmother to her.

One year ago, Momoko searched for Majomonroe in her Maho-do. She figured out that Majomonroe was a witch. Majomonroe transformed into a witch frog and Momoko became an apprentice witch. After one year, she passed her Final Test and received her crystal ball. She went back to Majomonroe, so she could transform her back into a witch but Majomonroe lay on her deathbed. Majomonroe gave Momoko the earring and died. Momoko tried to bring her back to life with her crystal ball and her crystal ball broke into pieces. From that day on she wasn't allowed to use magic anymore.

After Momoko is finished with her story, the girls feel sorry for Momoko and promise her to be a good friend to her. They decide afterwards, that they want to open the Maho-Do soon and so they're going to talk to their parents tomorrow about it.

The next day, the ojamajos show their parents the new Maho-Do and Majoririka help the girls to convince their parents. Haruka defends the girls and the other parents realize, how much their daughters have changed since they work at the Maho-Do. After they see Momoko speaking English with a customer, they all agree.

Spells used

  • Let's us turn into hamsters!
  • Majo Monroe, come back!



  • Characters introduced: Majomonroe, Minori Asuka, Nishizawa Yuuka