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Mo Li is a Chinese girl that Onpu befriended while visiting Shanghai.


Mo Li is the daughter of the housekeeper of the place Momoko's dad stayed at. Both of her parents work in Shanghai while she attends a high school in her home town of Guangzhou. While their age, she works as a seamstress and does embroidering from time to time.


From what was seen in the picture, Mo Li is a girl with light colored skin and eyes. She has short, dark (possibly black) colored hair with a natural curl to it. She was dressed in a chinese dress. The girls described her as having the looks of a model.


Mo Li is a kind and gentle girl with a lot of maturity. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer some day.


Mo Li makes her first appearance in chapter 3 of Ojamajo Doremi 16 Book 2, Naive. Onpu had met her while visiting Shangai for photobook work, and the girls were able to find out more about her from both Onpu and Momoko. It was revealed that she does not know Japanese, while the girls weren't able to speak with Chinese either, so during their times together and through emails the conversation were spoken and wrote in English. 

At one point the girls begin to worry over her after they find out she was being harassed by the media. In hopes of helping Onpu feel better, and to make sure she was alright they use Magical Stage to go into her dreams, where they are able to speak to her and find out what was going on. The reason Mo Li was being followed so much was because the media felt she would make a wonderful model, however she has no dreams of becoming famous, so she has continued to turn them down each time.




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