Happy Miyako!

Miyako is happy!

 Miyako was born on March 12th. After her mothers death she was raised by Majovanilla. Currently, she lives in Majo Kai with said witch.

Miyako's mother is Momoko Asuka.

Miyako's creator is MagicallyBlue, also known as Kiki or Burrito.



Emi and Miyako are really shiny

Miyako is a energetic girl who really loves to go out and play with the people she considers to be her friends.

Most of the time she is lazy, for example, when Vanilla tells her to clean her room, Miyako would pretend to have tummy aches... and she would force Vanilla to clean it for her. She also loves to eat a lot of sweets that Majovanilla and Majoroxanne make, but because Vanilla wants Miyako to be big and strong she makes her eat a lot of healthy food. (and meat, of course, they're not vegetarians)

Vanilla is often annoyed by Miyako's antics, but she would usually ignore them. When Miyako is upset or scared she often resorts to sleeping with Vanilla. Sometimes, when she's scared, Miyako would hide behind Vanilla, and cover her face with Vanilla's cape. Not shown often is her fearful side, which constantly worries she will lose someone close to her. Miyako is also afraid of the dark.

Miyako's best friends are Yakuru and Korin. Both of them were witch apprentices who decided to be real witches.

As a witch

Miyako transforming

Miyako transforming!

Miyako was raised by a witch and always knew of magic. Majovanilla is her mentor and despite raising the girl, she didn't turn into a witch frog because the curse doesn't exist anymore. She has also made it clear that she wants to be a real witch when she's older.

She knew that magic exist since she was a baby, and Miyako never really had problems learning to use it. Miyako loves to ride her broom. To her, magic can fix anything and do anything. So she feels its pretty valuable. Miyako became a real witch on her 15th birthday. Her eyes changed to a soft red color (note: i am not sure if a witch apprentices eyes change color when she turns into a real witch- so this could be changed in the future). That's the only thing that changed about her appearance. After she turned into a real witch, she started to help out Vanilla in her shop in the Majo Kai.


Fairy Nono!


Miyako's Yousei is Nono. She is light blue in color and has a similar appearance to Miyako. Nono is as energetic as Miyako; but unlike Miyako she isn't lazy.

Her crystal ball is a blue star.


  • Spell: Puruton Peton Pirurinran Pon!
  • Magical Stage: Puruton Peton Simply (tanjun ni)!

Her past and future

Several months after Miyako was born, her mom died in an fire accident. Before that, Momoko asked Vanilla if she could take baby Miyako to the park to play with the other kids. Vanilla and Miyako were at the park for quite a while, and, in the meantime, Mona, Miyako's older sister, was trying to help out Momoko in making sweets. Mona accidentally threw her little apron on the oven and the fire started. She managed to get out but Momoko died and the Maho Dou was ruined.

At the park, Vanilla was reading a book while baby Miyako was playing with her toys. A few moments later they heard a few fire trucks and an ambulance car. She didn't pay much attention to it and she kept on reading her book. Some time later though- she was getting ready to go back to the shop- she noticed Eric in the car going dangerously fast. Vanilla didn't think much of it- but was annoyed by the fact that she has to walk to the Maho Dou now. Finally getting there, there was a crowd outside the shop; which was unusual since the shop's supposed to be closed by now. She heard Eric yelling something and she managed to see him and Mona next to an ambulance car. Seeing the Maho Dou on fire was really painful and she fled; forgetting that she was holding Miyako. At the Majo Kai; she was trying to calm herself down- she didn't notice Miyako, who was sitting on the table and playing with some flowers in a vase, until she started to laugh. Realizing that she accidentally brought Miyako to the witch world, she immediatelly went back to the human world. She contacted Eric but he didn't reply... eventually, after waiting for about 2 hours near the Maho Dou, she went back to the witch world with baby Miyako.

After about 2 months Eric finally replied but the message wasn't what Vanilla expected- apparently he had financial issues and couldn't really take proper care of Miyako and he asked Vanilla to at least look after her until he fixes everything. He also said that he is really happy that Miyako's ok and that Mona says hi. Eric told Vanilla that Mona became quiet and that she is blaming herself for her moms death... but she has great friends in school and he's sure that they'll support her as much as they can. Vanilla agreed to take care of the baby- she did take care of her for 2 months anyway... but under one condition- that he helps her fix the Maho Dou.

When Miyako grew up she went to visit her sister and dad on their birthdays and some other holidays- but she decided to stay with Vanilla.


Because Miyako is a human it wasn't required that she takes the baby witch exams.

When she started to go to the 5th grade, Vanilla decided to go on a vacation to the past. She brought Miyako with her, of course. A few weeks passed and Miyako met Emi , Brit, Chris and Nina in her new school. Later, they became close friends. Miyako returned to the future, with Vanilla, a month later. She asked Vanilla if she can still visit her friends from the past, and Vanilla said yes. She was visiting them every Saturday, for two years.

When Miyako turned 20 (in human years), Vanilla was diagnosed with the same illness that her sister had. Of course, she is helping her and she is certain that Vanilla is going to get better.

Her family

Momoko Asuka - Miyako's mother. She died sometime after Miyako was born in a accident. Because of this, Miyako only knows her from the pictures she has in her room. Momoko had known Majomonroe, a witch who introduced her to magic but died from disease after Momoko had gained her crystal.

Eric - Miyako's father. He works as a math teacher and he lives in New York with his daughter Mona.

Mona - Miyako's older sister. After her mothers death she became a bit antisocial- but thankfully she has great friends that support her and she is currently going to the school where her father works. She likes to play with Miyako and just like her little sister she loves to eat sweets. She wants to work as a teacher when she grows up.

Majovanilla - A witch who raised Miyako since she was a baby. She had a twin sister, Majomonroe. This may explain why Miyako was raised by her, as Majomonroe was Momoko's witch friend. Miyako usually calls Majovanilla "Vani", "auntie Vani" or just "auntie".

Majokohi (coffee) - Kohi is Vanilla's younger daughter. She had some small fights with her mother, but they'll reconcile every time. Kohi works in "Kohi's Magic House." Miyako loves to play tag with Kohi, and she calls her "big sis" (seka in serbian).

Majocaramel - Kohi's older sister who is currently missing- she likes to travel to other magical worlds and who knows maybe she'll come back to the witch world one day.

Majomonroe - Vanilla's twin sister. Miyako has seen her in many pictures- since she didn't really understand what a twin is she often said that Monroe stole Vanilla's looks. A few times she would see her helping out Vanilla- without Vanilla noticing her. Miyako wants to talk with her and ask her if her mom is with her- but she's a bit scared to ask her.



13 year old Miyako

Being Momoko's child, Miyako resembles her greatly, with similar hairstyles and body shape. Most likely however, her hair and eye color came from her father. Miyako has dark blue eyes, in the same unique shape her mothers are. Her hair is a much lighter shade of blue. Her bangs have long strands of hair that are a bit longer than Momoko's. But her long hair, almost waist length is worn in long pigtails at the bottom of her head. Usually curled, rarely braided. She also has a noticeable double cowlick.

Miyako usually just wears shades of blue. As well as some sort of star item or pattern. Currently she wears a light blue knit long sleeved shirt. The bordering is a lighter blue with very light stripes going around. She also wears a darker blue, school styled skirt. Usually in the plaid style or with many thin stripes going around in different shades of blue. She wears blue shoes. When she's about 13 years old she changed her outfit a little bit. Instead of a skirt she is wearing dark blue shorts and her shoes are white and blue.


Baby Miyako

As a baby, she wore a light purple baby outfit with a heart shaped pendent at chest, and she sometimes wore a white hat, with a big purple bow, on her head. Her hair was short then, with a tiny ponytail and many bangs.


  • "Cheese stinks!"
  • "Chocolate milk comes from a chocolate cow"
  • "I ate expired ice cream once... And I loved it!"
  • "If Vani doesn't eat broccoli, I'm not going to eat it either"
  • "When I was little I always thought that Vani's hair is actually cotton candy..."


  • Chances are, Miyako being raised by Vanilla was not random. This was most likely set up as Momoko once mistook Vanilla for Majomonroe. Since Miyako is a lot like Momoko. Its understandable she would be with the women who was like her witch mentor
  • Miyako's hair seems to vary length on occasion
  • Rarely Miyako is shown with small ribbons to hold her ponytails. But other times, nothing is shown.
  • Miyako's most favorite thing to do is to hug Majovanilla!
  • When she grows up her dream is to become a baker
  • She's fluent in 3-4 languages. Serbian, English, German and a little bit of French
  • For some unknown reason... Miyako was copied by a bunch of people- a few times on dA and once on this wikia '(seriously guys she isn't even that good- use your imagination and stop copying and stealing other people's oc's it's really dumb)


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