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Mirai Sakura
Gender Female
Debut Doremi and the Witch Stop Being Witches
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomoyo Harada

Mirai Sakura is a witch who retired and now lives in the Human World. She appeared in Dokkan Ep. 40, where she met Doremi and discussed with her whether she really wants to become a witch or not.



Mirai is a tall woman with light brown hair and red eyes.

Her everyday outfit seems to be a black long sleeved shirt, a long skirt and black shoes. When she's working she wears an apron with a clover print.



She taught a man how to glassblow many years ago. However, since he's a human he has aged and now she has to act like she's the daughter or the granddaughter of the girl he fell in love with.

Due to her being a witch, she is used to moving around a lot.

Light Novel Series

Mirai appeared again during Ojamajo Doremi 17, were she was taking care of Hana's twin sister; Yume. Her witch name was also revealed to be 'Majoavenir'.


"You're a witch, right?"


  • In the novel, Mirai's was revealed to be the current Witch Queen's younger twin sister.
  • She has a treasure cabinet filled with pictures of her friends she met in various countries.


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