Minto Wada

Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Hanioka Yukiko
Minto Wada is a classmate of HazukiAiko and Onpu. In 3rd and 4th grade, she was in the former class 1.



Minto is a feminine and delicate girl. She comes off as innocent and a bit childish, and is rather shy. She is very well-studied, but struggles to get along with Aiko, due to their contrasting personalities.


Minto is fair-skinned with large grey-blue eyes. She has long, thick sandy-blonde hair pulled into slightly wavy pigtails held with soft blue bows. Her puffed, tented bangs reach her eyes, and she has a single, thin strand of curled hair sticking out from each side that reach her shoulders. Her normal outfit consists of a long pink dress with lighter colored stripes on the skirt. The collar and frills are pale pink to match the bow at her neck, bows sewn to the skirt, and heart-shaped buttons. She wears white stockings and dark mauve Mary-janes. 




  • Minto slightly resembles Sailor Moon.



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