Minor Majo are the various witch who have appeared throughout the series and lack proper information on them to have pages made. If you do not agree or have made a page, remove the character from this page.

Ojamajo Doremi

Name Image Career Episode Appearance Description
Ramen Witch
Ramen Owner
Ramen Shop Owner 40 A young looking witch who asks for Doremi's autograph.
Cake Witch
Cake Witch
Tea and Cake Shop Owner 40 Provided information after the girls visit her shop for Doremi's make-up exam.
Riddle Witch
Puzzle Witch
Guardian of an area in the witch world. 40 Before the Ojamajo could continue they had to answer her riddle. Typical witch.
Maze Witch
Guards the Witch Maze Area 40

A lonely witch who puts up a stoic front. Was happy to speak with Aiko after she came into the maze world.

Fountain Witch
Guards the large fountain. 40 The 2nd world witch Aiko found. Uses the Silver Axe or Gold Axe legend, but with doors.
Desert Witch
40 Looks elderly but is actually youthful. Very nice and requested water from Aiko.
Witch Performers
Witch Performers
A duo putting on a magic act. 46 They made animals balance on one-another, on a unicycle while balancing a parasol. It impressed the ojamajo but not the witches.
Two Witch
46 A pair of drinking witch who informed the girls magic isn't really a talent to them- as they can all do it. 
Witch MC
MCs events 46 A youthful witch who announced everything during the Witches Talent Show.
Angry Crowd
Angry Witches
46 A group of witches unsatisfied with the ojamajo's tricks
Witches attempting Tricks
46 They tried to imitate Aiko's string trick.


Name Image Career Episode Appearance Description
Gatekeeper Witches
Guard Witches 2
Guard the Queen's Garden entrance They guarded the entrance to the Queens Flower Garden. They did not see the Ojamajo.
Garden Guards
Guard Witches
Patrols the Queens Garden They spot the group after Hana-chan was born and informed the Queen of this.
Witches and Babies
Baby witch
Baby witch 2
Raising Magic Babies Besides the ojamajo, they were tasked with raising a child.
Crawling Exam Witches
Seller Witches One sells Barrels, one sold Baskets, another sold Bananas.






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