Miho Segawa is the mother of Onpu, and the wife of Tsuyoshi Segawa. Besides being Onpu's mother, she also works as her manager and scedules appointments and so on, whenever Majoruka isn't available to do this for Onpu. 

As a child, Miho used to be an idol like Onpu. However, during a performance she suffered an injury when she fell down a long set of stairs and the shock forced her into an early retirement.

Miho is usually busy or away from home, much like Onpu's father. But when she is home she is often relaxing or making a phonecall, usually relating to Onpu. She seems to regret her past, but she adores Onpu above all else and does her best to help her. Although she can't really connect to Onpu as much as she would like.



Miho is a very proud women who often comments on how well raised Onpu is when in the crowed. She supports her daughters love of being famous and only aims for the highest roles for her, which she belies Onpu deserves. She will get upset however if Onpu leaves without even saying anything, and also dislikes how headstrong she can be. Being her mother, or having to deal with similiar things, Miho seems to notice when something is wrong with Onpu.

Onpu feels sometimes her mother doesn't listen, and often that she doesn't understand how she feels. But Miho is never angry with Onpu, only giving her light scoldings instead. But when she sees Onpu really wants something she will see to it that her daughter is happy. Miho is also aware of how much Onpu values being with her father, so she often tries to sceduale in special evenings or visits. However, during Naisho when they had been called saying Onpu broke a fellow students flute, despite claiming she didn't and even paid for it, they didn't believe her and kept questioning her instead.

As a child, Miho had been in an accident which led to an embarresing retirement. She had to be in a wheel chair while healing up and afterwards tried to get back into it, but refused to and ended up quitting. While she does miss being famous, she is always very surprised and flattered when she meets a fan of hers. For years it haunted her, but after Onpu and the ojamajo try to help her she began to let go of the bad memories.


Miho is known for her unique appearence in comparison to the other mothers. She is slightly heavy set, but not too much to be considered over-weight. However it is entirely possible it's just her outfit that makes her look heavy.

Currently she wears a dark blue dress that comes to her ankles and an orange colored jacket/button up top with mid arm sleeves. She also wears a purple neckerchief and tissue in her pocket. On her feet are pale colored sandles and she often carries a brown purse.

Her eyes and hair are light brown in color. Her hair is curled slightly, sticking up at the edges.

Other Outfits

As a little girl she was seen in three other outfits. As a little girl her bangs were a lot like Onpu's, while her hair was almost stomach length.

  • A pink and white frilled dress worn during her performance/accident.
  • When shown in a wheelchair she wore a long sleeved shirt with a blanket on her lap.
  • When she tried to sing again she wore a yellow T-shirt with bunny head on the front and a pair of jeans and shoes.
  • For bed time Miho normally wears a dull green long sleeved night gown with white lining and a thin ribbon.


Onpu - Being Onpu's other manager, Miho often drives her to her appointments and enjoys getting Onpu more roles. She is very proud and happy with Onpu, and believes he to be the best. When she worried Onpu's career would be ruined like her own, she wouldn't let Onpu perform at the Takonomon Hall despite how much Onpu wanted to. This caused an arguement between them until Onpu learned what happened. After some convicing she did agree to it in the end.

Tsuyoshi - Her husband and herself have a great relationship and get along very well. They never argue or fight and she knows how much Onpu values the time her whole family gets to spend together, being a rare thing. But since he is often away, not much of their together time is shown.


  • While on stage, Miho went under the name of Kurara Sakurai.