Miho Maruyama
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Oma Ichimura

Miho Maruyama is a friend of Nobuko Yokokawa. She is a talented manga artist.


Miho first appears during the later half of the series when she befriends Nobuko in their same class. Nobuko was pretty upset that she didn't share class with Aiko, but soon found a friendship in Miho; who was able to draw Nobuko's fanciful stories and tall-tales. 


Miho is a tan-skinned girl with light brown eyes. She has light brown, wavy hair that appears to be very short and frames the upper portion of her face. She wears some of her hair in a bun on the top of her head, held by a beige-brown ribbon. 

She wears a dark green T-shirt with a beige E and collar, a pair of dull gray pants with dark gray lines on each leg, and a pair of dark brown and gray sneakers. Her appearance is that of a tomboy; compared to Nobuko's feminine.


Miho is generally nice to others and appears to be a little more rough to most girls. But she was very jealous over Aiko's close friendship with Nobuko at first and as a result was pretty hostile towards her until Aiko helped her get over her feelings of inferiority as Nobuko's new friend. 

Ojamajo Doremi 16

The girls were revealed to have been working together as the fake author "Misora Komachi" and attended the same middle school. But the girls happen to realize that they arent attending the same high school and didn't even speak to one-another during their reunion. 

After she visits the Maho-do and asked for curse items against people who hate, the girls are shocked by how far her anger towards Nobuko is and force her to tell them why she decided to attend Aogaoka Academy instead of Misora High School with Nobuko. She tells them that it is because of the Manken it offers, and due to that it has produced many manga artists. 

Nobuko tells them that Miho disbanded their friendship when she refused to take the exam to get into Aogaoka Academy. But Miho only calls Nobuko a liar and so they lure Miho to the park and Doremi demands an explanation from Nobuko, to make sure Miho hears it. It was revealed that Nobuko did lie, but only because she thought Miho was better off without her. One day they happened to visit a magazine company to ask an editor for some advice. But after they were encouraged to keep trying, but when Nobuko left to use the restroom, the person admitted that Miho should partner up with a writer befitting her talents, rather then someone who makes nonsensical stories like Nobuko. She was sure if Miho did then she would debut right away. 

Miho is shocked to learn this and Nobuko admits that she didn't tell her because she didn't like to be known as dead weight, while Miho had her talents acknowledged. Miho also revealed that she was offered an important job for a famous writer but she turned it down and sent the manuscript she recieved back. She only wants to keep working as Misora Komachi with Nobuko, and with that, their friendship is saved and they continue writing Manga together. 



- Miho is left handed.