Michiaki Watabe
Name 渡部 みちあき Watabe Michiaki
Dub Name Mackenzie
Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Takeshi Yamazaki

Michiaki Watabe is a character of the day introduced in "The Witches' Talent Show".

He is a classmate of the ojamajo and likes to perform magic, like his dad. He is very talented and usually has a cool type of demeanor.



Usually seen with a cool and calm type of demeanor, Michiaki seems to have a lot of fans that love to watch his magic. He never looks like a show-off and usually comes off humble. Like a true magician, he also doesn't believe in showing people how his tricks are done since it takes away some of the surprise and just wouldn't be special anymore.

He can seem just slightly playful/a tease, but he's very friendly. Michiaki also cares about his family and as such, helps out his dad whenever he can.

Because of how talented and perfect he seems, when it comes to magic, the moment he screws up it tends to all go downhill for him until he eventually panics and suffers a very minor breakdown from the results.


Michiaki is a fair skinned boy who seems to be a little bit taller then the others. This could just be because of his lanky body-shape, or because he's an older student. He has small crystal-gray colored eyes and wears simple square frame glasses. His hair is dark blue, almost black in color with an odd shape and few tiny strands of hair that stick in his face.

Michiaki wears a blue top with a big loose collar with white coloring inside, rolled up sleeves, and a tiny pocket. He also has gray pants and black shoes.

Other Outfits

  • Magician - A dark purple tuxedo with a big yellow bowtie and red flowing cape. Like most magicians he also has a pair of white gloves and a top hat with a purple band going around the center.
  • Special - A pure white outfit with a sparkling pink jacket on top. His gloves remain but he loses the cape and hat.


"Magic is creating miracles in an instant."


  • Michiaki is an Onpu fan.
  • He's the first important male child to be shown with glasses.
  • Michiaki can be seen during the first seasons opening with the other boys at the statue, performing a trick where he makes doves appear.


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