Masaru Yada

Dub Name Justin Bailey
Gender Male
Instrument Trumpet
Voice Actors
Japanese Nami Miyahara
Masaru Yada is a classmate and a childhood friend of Hazuki.



Yada doesn't like to communicate with others and he doesn't want to be noticed. He seems to be cold, quiet and distant to others. He only opens up to Hazuki. He is calm, enigmatic and a little anti-social. He is also very tough, so most boys his age don't try to pick a fight with him. However, we have seen his emotional side often. 

Masaru likes to play the trumpet, which he started at a young age because of his father. He likes to play the song "Twinkle, twinkle Little Star".

He is afraid of ghosts, but is always trying to hide his fear.


Masaru has dark green hair and sea green eyes.

He wears a partly unbuttoned purple shirt with the sleeves rolled up, baggy dark green pants and gray shoes.


He wanted to learn how to play the trumpet, because he wanted to make his father proud. He is a self-taught trumpeter. His father gave him the trumpet as a present, while he is working in Germany.

His mother had passed away when he was young. 

Ojamajo Doremi 16

In the current Ojamajo Doremi series, Ojamajo Doremi 16, it's revealed that Yada and Hazuki are in a relationship. He is playing a trumpet in a bar at night.



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