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Marianne Benex

Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Miwa Matsumoto
 Marianne Benex is the granddaughter of Majotourbillon.



Marianne has light tan skin and large purple eyes. Her indigo hair is medium length with thin forelocks reaching past her ears and her bangs mostly brushed to the left with a single curl sticking down. She wears a pink and red themed outfit.

As a child, Marianne's hair was shoulder length and curled up on the end. She wore a magenta sweater with beige pants and pale brown shoes.


Marianne is a tomboy who loved seashells. Her precious item was the seashell necklace her grandmother made.




  • She has five siblings (Natascha, Laura, Angela, Ingrid, Roy).
  • Her mother died early, so her grandmother took care of her.
  • When her father died, she couldn't join the funeral because she was pregnant.


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