Maki Higuchi
Maki Higuchi

Name 樋口 まき Higuchi Maki
Dub Name Shannon Marley
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Nao Kouyama

Maki Higuchi is one of Doremi's classmates and character of the day during "Doremi's boyfriend is a junior high student?!", as the little sister of the main character, Shuzou Higuchi.



Maki is fair-skinned with pale brown eyes and dark brown hair worn short with most of the hair covering the right ear. Maki is one of the taller girls in class.

Her normal attire consists of a pale green parka T-shirt, dark blue denim pants, and black sneakers accented with pink and white.


Maki is sporty and possibly a tomboy. She enjoys inline-skating and usually keeps to herself unless she is close to someone. She is very friendly and cares a great deal for Shuzou, insisting that he would never do anything mean or rude. She is shown being very close to him and also cares about his friend, Mika, who she treats like an older sister.


  • Maki shares her first name with Maki Takahashi, the girl Doremi's first crush liked.
  • At one point in her staring episode, Maki is shown with Mika's colors.
    • Ironically, Mika and Maki's names are the same, but with a single letter swapped.


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