PDVD 046

Name マジョバニラ Majobanira
Gender Female
Theme Color Purple
Debut No Hints! The Last Exam
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoko Matsuoka

Majovanilla is Majomonroe's twin sister. 



While she seemed a bit too serious when the ojamajos met her, at the end of the test she did show her kinder side; especially when talking about Monroe. 


Her outfit is similar to her sister's: a dark purple cloak, but with more red and a much longer skirt. She also has different gloves on with jewels on them which resemble her earrings. Her eyes are dark red and her hair is blonde and curly, just like her sisters, but it's much longer.  

Her baking outfit is a white chef's dress and a red scarf. Her crystal ball is attached as a badge on the right side of the shirt. 

Her crystal ball is a purple 4-point star. It is unknown if she has a fairy.

Her family

Majomonroe - While we do not know much about their relationship, it seemed like the were really close. Majovanilla said that they had a friendly rivalry, and that they worked together to improve their baking.


  • She's the Witch World's number one baker.
  • She and Monroe went to the same school.
  • She knows Baba, Majotourbillon's fairy.