Majo Tourbillon

Name マジョトゥルビヨン Majotourbillon
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Mika Doi

Majo Tourbillon is the witch responsible for the separation of Majokai and the Human World.



Majo Tourbillon has long grey-blue hair and a turquoise cocoon/bug looking barrette. She wears a long white dress and grey tear-drop earrings. Her eyes are a dark grey-blue.

As an illusion that she created of herself, she gains glowing white eyes that are seemingly crying, and neon purple hair.


She used to be a very kind witch, but after her son's death she became depressed, mean and scary.


  • She has a fairy named Baba.
  • She has a younger twin sister called Majovague.
  • She was once a Witch Queen, before she relinquished her throne to be able to marry a human.
  • She married a human and she had a son with him.
  • She has six grandchildren from oldest to youngest: (Ingrid, Natasha, Mary-Anne, Laura, Angela, and Roy).
  • Her grandson Roy has an unnamed daughter and a grandson named (Robbie).
  • Her name means swirl or vortex in French.