"You're even more unlikeable then Majorika!"

Majoruka versus level 6 ojamajo!
Magical stage 2.0
Japanese Title マジョルカ対6級おジャ魔女!

Majoruka Tai Roku-kyū Ojamajo!

Dub Title Down In The Dumps
Season Season 1
Episode № 24
Air Date July 18, 1999 (JP)

March 4, 2006 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Junichi Sato

Takao Iwai

Episode Direction Junichi Sato

Takao Iwai

Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
Next Episode Ojamajo Poppu appears!
Previous Episode Big Change! The Ojamajo's Test


The ojamajo cast their new form of Magical Stage with their new wands as they admire how pretty it looks.


The ojamajo have finally had it, enough is enough and it's time for revenge. Can they successfully take back the Maho-do?


Majorika attempts to sneak off and grab her Crystal ball when Poppu catches her in this suspicious act.

Annoyed apprentice

Meanwhile, while heading to school the ojamajo discuss how they notice a lot of the bad charms are still lingering round them. Aiko's dad threw his away but Doremi cannot convince her parents to do the same. Hazuki questions if maybe they could somehow use their newly required magic to disable the charms but Doremi tells her it isn't possible since they're still too weak to fight against a full-blooded witch. She also points out that Majorika is useless as well right now. 

At the "Original" Maho-do, Hehe is being forced to do a bunch of work for Majoruka while she is busy taking a bath. Such as carry around her heavy clothing, putting her witch uniform into the wash, and so fourth. As Hehe does this, a bunch of customers outside are yelling and demanding their money back. A shocked Hehe drops the outfit, along with crystal ball as Majoruka quickly dresses and comes to the door. Majoruka angrily tells the customers to just leave however, as she refuses to give them a refund. Instead of leaving the people angrily run her over and make a mess of the joint.

An angry Majoruka is cursing the humans as Hehe points out she warned Majoruka to tell the humans of the bad side effects. Majoruka doesn't wanna hear it though and she leaves to take another bath. Hehe then resumes doing work, along with the two workers. She tells them to just throw away anything broken as there isn't a point in keeping it. The female finds Majoruka's crystal ball amongst the pile, which she points out has a use but Hehe doesn't really care and tells her to throw it away too. So the workers take the garbage out when a trash collector comes by to collect their trash. As Lala spies on them, she learns that Majoruka's crystal has gone missing and she leaves as Hehe and the workers flee to search for it.

At Sonatine Kindergarten, everyone is preparing for swim class. Majorika and her crystall ball are left in the classroom and she tries to get it. It's then Lala
comes into the classroom to inform Majorika what happened and they begin to plot about what to do. Lala is about to leave when Pop suddenly returns and she flees, leaving poor Majorika on her own. So Lala goes to find the ojamajo for help instead, stopping momentarily to find the workers and Hehe still searching for the crystal ball. Which means she has a lot of time to spare.

During break she informs the ojamajo about what has happened, but since they still have school they need to wait until after class to go and find it. In class, time fast-forwards throughout the day. Doremi gets into trouble, she and Kotake stand in the hall, Lunch, music class, and finally the windy weather outside. The time then slows down to currently and the ojamajo quickly exit school.

Meanwhile, Majoruka is angrily trying to locate the trio, or the crystal ball. She finds them sitting around for tea.

At the trash location, the ojamajo quickly get to work trying to locate the crystal ball before Majoruka and Co. show up. The ojamajo are concerned however, due to there being mounds and mounds of trash. Lala point out now would be the perfect time to test out their new wands and see the powers. Doremi tries first, but unfortunately she gets everything shaped like a ball to pop out of the piles of garbage. Hazuki manages to spot it as Majoruka and the others are running to the trash dump. They admit to not have thought about searching there but to their shock, Doremi holds it up as they arrive.

The ojamajo make a deal with Majoruka but at first, she seems too nice so Doremi does not let her have it. But when Majoruka does it again, they're generally convinced but unfortunately it was just a trick. She tries to leave but after the ojamajo tick her off, they accept her rules of a magical duel. If they win she'll disable her goods and let them take back the shop but if she wins they have to work for her forever!

Doremi uses her magic to summon the object that Majoruka hates the most. Apparently an old man joke book that isn't even funny. It works on Majoruka but she responds by using a bunch of the garbage to form into a giant robotic trash man to deal with the ojamajo.

Lala runs away to go and find Majorika to tell her about what has happened. Given this is an emergency, she completely ignores Pop and tells Majorika, unaware she's watching them. After Majorika reclaims her crystal ball and the two flee the scene, Poppu realizes she wasn't dreaming and she chases after them.

Back at the trash area, the ojamajo are still being chased by the giant robot trash pile. When Majorika arrives she tries to inspire the ojamajo with an idea, telling them to calm down and think about things first. So while they keep running they try to think up an idea and suddenly get one. Majoruka angrily tells her not to interfere but that doesn't mean Majorika can't still use her mouth. They get an idea and use triple magic to make a giant vacuum cleaner that will suck up the robot, as well as Majoruka.

And so, the ojamajo have gotten the deed and business contract for the Maho-do back! Majoruka asks for her crystal ball back and while the ojamajo are suspicious, they hand it back over with a threat of informing everybody in the witch world that Majoruka lost to a bunch of level 6 witch apprentice. She promises revenge before leaving.

Meanwhile, Pop has searched all over town for Majorika but it's no use. She comes across the Maho-do and decides to check there. The ojamajo then proceed to cast magical stage with majorika to remove the evil from all of Majoruka's charms and magical goods. This also reverts the maho-do back to its previous stage and fixes everything.

Unfortunately, they did not consider one little factor: that Pop was going to show up.

Before she can say they are witches, Doremi quickly grabs her mouth and tries to shut her up while everyone begins to panic.


  • Majoruka's crystal ball, come out
  • Majoruk's most hated thing, come out
  • That robot, freeze
  • That robot, turn small
  • Come out, vacuum cleaner.
  • Turn big, vacuum cleaner
  • Suck in that robot
  • Please disable all of majoruka's magic goods

Major Events

  • The ojamajo defeat Majoruka.
  • The Maho-do is given back to Majorika. 
  • Pop discovers Doremi is a witch.

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • At the first instance of class, Nobuko's skin is darkly colored. Also note that some students have blank pages in their books.
  • As the rat woman finds Majoruka's crystal ball and Hehe tells her to throw it out, the detailing usually present at her chest is missing.


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