"Since Majorika only has one hair left, she can no longer make any magic items. The battle is already over."

Majoruka's Goods are full of danger!
Japanese Title マジョルカグッズは危険がいっぱい

Majoruka Guzzu wa Kiken ga Ippai

Dub Title The Mystery Wind
Season Season 1
Episode № 21
Air Date June 27, 1999 (JP)

February 25, 2006 (US)

Screenplay Genki Yoshimura
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
Next Episode The Road to being a level 6 Witch is Hard
Previous Episode The Rival Debuts! The Maho-dou is in Big Trouble!!

Opening Clip

In a dimly lit Maho-do, Majoruka works on making more magical charms. She reveals her plans of milking all of the humans for all of their money by giving them bad items they think will help them, then she begins to laugh before claiming that she will definitely be the future witch queen.


As the ojamajo work hard to try to take back their shop they begin to notice how everyone around them is slowly beginning to change, and not for the better. It's up to the girls to save them and stop Majoruka!


With their brand new shop the girls try to draw some attention and obtain a crowd- including Majoruka's workers who quickly deface the items after the girls throw them out. They lure the crowd back to the original maho-do in retaliation.

Majorika believes she may know why customers haven't been making any purchases from this shop lately, pointing out that when one compares items made by little girls and an adult witch, people are more-likely to go for what they know will work. However, the ojamajo are convinced that if that is the truth she should make some as well, but she refuses. They don't understand until Lala informs them that a witch needs her own hair to make items. Majorika only has a single hair now and she refuses to part with it.

It's then Tamaki comes by to make fun of the girls pathetic attempt to run a new shop before she makes her way to the Maho-do. Curious, Majorika and Lala decide to spy on them from a window above the shop until they are caught by Majoruka and Hehe and retreat back to the bus. Majorika puts blame onto the girls and yells at them and refuses to stay on the bus any longer when it lacks basic necessities; such as a bathroom or television.

The following day at school, the ojamajo try to think up another plan to help save the Maho-do but are interrupted by Tamaki, who wished to show off a flashy outfit her mother purchased for her the other day. As soon as she walks into the classroom, a lot of students seem to notice her and compliment the outfit, though the boys like Kotake and Yada don't find it very appealing. They also see a classmate eating twice as much fried bread as normal, and the SOS actually being funny.

At the Harukaze household, Majorika bosses Dodo around by making her grab some food and drink. Her mood has returned to one of crankiness as she is back in the drawer again. 

Meanwhile, Haruka believes she heard someone in the kitchen. But when she goes to look she finds nobody there.

When Pop gets home, Haruka begins to question her, assuming she was the one making all of the noise. But Pop is more focused on the bun she saved earlier, noticing it's gone missing, along with some milk. Haruka asks if she was the one to drink it and Pop quickly denies this since she just got home. She hears something and runs up to Doremi's bedroom to find the empty milk container and confronts Doremi the second she gets

Doremi denies having done anything, but as she is unable to tell them about Majorika and existance of witches, she has no choice but to take the blame for it. Pop is quick to point out that Doremi wasn't home so she couldn't have done it, but Doremi manages to change the subject by begging Pop not to tell their mother. Pop agrees, but only because Doremi will owe her later. As soon as she reaches to her bedroom, Doremi begins to yell at Majorika and it turns into a heated argument that Lala barely manages to calm down.

In a huff, Doremi leaves for the bus again and she angrily puts her sudden energy into making charms; hell-bent on getting things back to normal so that Majorika will leave.

The following day at school the Ojamajo notice that everyone wearing their charms seem twice as intense as they were the day before until Tamaki eventually passes out during class, overwhelmed by the heavy outfits she has been wearing lately, and the same happens to the SOS and Yanagida. They realize that everyone being effected is wearing items they purchased from the "original" Maho-do and rush straight to Doremi's home for answers when school ends.

Majorika explains that besides Majoruka's charms having strong effects, they also have strong side-effects. At this point the girls aren't nearly strong enough to stop the charms though, even with magical stage or if she helped. Only the person who made the charms can dispel them. At first their hope evaporates until Lala points out that they may be able to do something if the ojamajo combine their power with Majorika. Once again she refuses to help though, and the girls decide to just try regardless as they are clearly on their own.

They begin casting Magical Stage, but it quickly flickers and vanishes, much to their disbelief. But suddenly, someone comes to their rescue at the last second, and the spell is casted around Misora, removing the magic from the charms and making everything return to normal. Tamaki's mother is shown gathering the new clothing as she believes Tamaki is too young for them, Yanagida isn't obsessed with bread rolls or feeling ill any more and can eat other things again, and the SOS are no longer funny.

Majorika appears with the Ojamajo, revealing that she had lent the Ojamajo her powers so everyone should be back to normal. They express surprise, but rather than say anything they thank her. She responds by scolding them and tells them to return to work, although they notice how late in the day it is now as Lala claims that while Majorika may seem mean, she was honestly worried. Majorika remains filled with doubt but the girls claim they will continue to work hard to save the Maho-do and keep everyone safe, and Hazuki goes on to apologize for calling Majorika a demon earlier during their time telling her off. Doremi and Aiko claims it's fine though, since she is one anyway, resulting in them chasing after the trio as they continue teasing her.


  • Make the power disappear from the magic items people bought from Majoruka

Major Events

  • Characters Introduced: Yanagida Susumu, Tamaki's mother


  • Lala: When it comes to bad taste, you're no better.
  • Majorika: What did you say?
  • Lala: Oh, nothing...

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • As the Ojamajo recoil from Majorika angrily yelling at them, Doremi's music note clip turns magenta.
  • As Dodo comes back into Doremi's room the door is closed. However, both of her hands were holding the bun so there is no way she could have managed to open or shut it unless she put it down, which she wasn't shown doing.
  • As Kotake holds Tamaki and leads her to the nurse, her dress loses the sparkles. This also happens when her mother comments on it.
  • As Aiko looks up at the magical stage fading, the top sphere of her poron is black, which is not a color of magic sphere.


  • When the Ojamajo see the SOS making a joke that gets everyone laughing, two girls wear skirts similar to Hazuki's.