Majoruka laughs

Name マジョルカ Majoruka
Dub Name Patunia
Gender Female
Favorite Food Sushi (Cheesecake in English dub)
Theme Color Magenta
Voice Actors
Japanese Mayumi Shou
English Caren Manuel

Majoruka was Majorika's long-time rival and fellow witch. Ever since they were young, the two witches often caused trouble between one and the other. They were both in competiton to run the magic shop and one day be queen of the witch world.

Ojamajo Doremi (series 1)

Majoruka first appeared as a major antagonist during the first season of Ojamajo Doremi. When Majorika played a bet against Dela from a card game, she ultimately lost. In this victory, Dela sold the deeds to the magic shop to Majorika's arch rival: Majoruka. Alongside her own fairy, Hehe, Majoruka changed the shop and attracted numerous customers of Misora. Majoruka uses dark magic to create her charms and spell crafts, which creates nasty side effects to everybody who buys magic charms from Majoruka. Eventually, the entire town bought so many of her goods, the store ended up going downhill. Majoruka's crystal ball ended up getting lost, eventually send to the local dumpster. Doremi and her friends find the ball before Majoruka can. Once they confronted one another, Majoruka challenged the girls to a duel. Majoruka was ultimately defeated by the Ojamajo witch apprentaces from a magic duel. Thus, giving the shop deeds back to Majorika.

Majoruka and her fairy later appeared again near the end of the season. This time, Majoruka is accompanied by a new witch apprentice: Onpu. However, since Majoruka's last appearance, she had turned into a witch frog because Onpu had discovered her identity as a witch. Much like Doremi discovering Majorika as a witch from the first episode. Majoruka planned to increase Onpu's popularity and create more financial profit for the chance of becoming the new witch queen.

However, Majoruka and Majorika have become less hateful of one another and have hung out to drink every now and then. Their rivalry had softened to a more tolerable friendship. This is likely due to Majoruka empathizing with Majorika, knowing they both had to deal with a troublesome witch apprentice. The two of them even competed in the witch talent show together, along with other witch frogs in the witch world.

Up to the finale, Majoruka had scolded and chatised Onpu for using forbidden magic too consistently. Much to her dismay, Majoruka's warnings have been pushed aside. After Onpu's punishment caught up to her, Majoruka began losing hope of her witch apprentice breaking from her deep sleep. Thus, she returned to the witch world, stuck as a witch frog.



Majoruka is almost exactly like Majorika, but intensified. Where as Majorika may be short-tempered and cold-hearted at first, she seems to be nicer deep down. Majoruka is twice as greedy and doesn't really care who she harms to get what she wants, and she also has a foul temper. She especially loves to mock and tease others, such as making fun of Majorika when she was transformed into a witch frog. But this is explained by the fact that they have a very intense hatred for one-another and as such, neither of them take a moment to miss a chance to taunt the other one when she's at her lowest points.

Majoruka's temper often gets the better of her, and causes her to be somewhat abusive towards those who work for her or who she would consider a friend. But this is turned on her after she's transformed by Onpu, who would somewhat abuse and tease her. Also she is the only human Majoruka seems to like even the least bit, due to being very proud of her and her magical talent. As well as popularity, appeal, and in her own words "an obediant child". She even continues to be her manager throughout the series up until Ojamajo Doremi 16 when she finally returns to the witch world.

After she's transformed into a witch frog, Majoruka managed to somewhat befriend Majorika and the two could often be found drinking or just sitting down for a chat now and then. They both agree on many terms related to the witch frog life, and whenever Majoruka was upset she'd come over to visit Majorika and drink for a while. 

Majoruka really hates butterflies and old man jokes, but just because she finds them really funny!



Majoruka has fair-tan skin and like most of the witch, pointed ears. Due to being older she has gained few wrinkles around her face and wears dark teal eye shadow and red lipstick. She has brown eyes and very dark red-purple colored hair about chest in length, if not a little longer. She wears just a little bit of it down but most of it is pulled up in pointed cones with dark yellow and black wrapping around the bottom. Instead of bangs, she has two tiny curls of hair. On her ears, Majoruka wears small metal square shaped earrings.

As she is a witch, Majoruka dresses as one. Her outfit is black like many others, while the cape underneatalh is dark pink-purple colored. She also wears a pair of red gloves, matching her shoes and sharp pointed collar of her cape. She wears her crystal ball on a simple black string around her neck.

Witch frog

As a witch frog, Majoruka is slightly darker in skin tone. While Majorika keeps her one giant curl of hair, Majoruka has her two curls. Her lips appear to be faded on contrast to Majorika's bright-red.

Other Outfits

  • Her Samba outfit consists of two pale pink balls held against her with a very thin white string and a single heart for each side, a pink grass skirt, gold-yellow headband with an orange heart in the center, a small pink head piece and multiple orange feathers.

As a witch

Majoruka is just like any other witch, in a sense that she can cast magic just with a snap of her finger, as well as use a wand and fly on a broom. Her witch theme color is hard to determine as her crystal ball is teal, while her colors worn are usually reds and her magic casting color is pink.

Majoruka's crystal ball is a giant upside down worn raindrop that is bright teal colored. Her hand is gold with the pointing finger on top and the handle a swirly piece. On top of the finger is a giant teal sphere with small red bat wings attached. She rarely is shown using her wand however.

Majoruka's yousei is Hehe. A smart-alec who loves to tease others as much as she can, as well as make things difficult for them to have a little fun.

Majoruka and Hehe get along very well, but neither seems to mind badmouthing the other behind her back when she feels insulted or angered.


  • In Magical DoReMi, Majoruka was named Patunia. Her name is a counterpart to Patina, her arch-rival, as well as the actual flower, petunia. As a counter-balance to Patina, Majorika's dub name.
  • In Doremi 16, it's revealed Majorika and Majoruka are actually twins.