Name マジョラン Majoran
Gender Female
Debut The Witch Who Does Not Cast Magic
Voice Actors
Japanese Romi Park

Majoran is Majoheart's adopted daughter. She currently lives in the Human World.



She has deep auburn eyes and short blonde hair that reaches mid-neck with her bangs slightly obscuring both sides of her face. She wears a dark raspberry-colored headband with a pair of matching earrings. Her attire consists of a dark purple jumpsuit and a magenta cape, along with a gold necklace with a single sphere hanging from it on each side of the neck.


When she was younger she did not understand the purpose of magic, which made her a bit confused. She eventually swore off of it and is known for being very stubborn.


Majoheart adopted her and they both lived in the Human World for a while. After the war Majoheart decided to go back to the Witch World with her, but Majoran was against this.


  • Instead of flying on her broom, she drives a car.
  • She is one of the full-blooded witches in the series not to use magic.


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