PDVD 035

Name マジョプリマ Majopurima
Gender Female
Theme Color Purple
Debut Clams By the Shore
Voice Actors
Japanese Rica Fukami

Majoprima is a witch and part of the Witch Senate. She is very popular, due to the fact that she is actually an actress/singer/model.



Majoprima has fair-skin and auburn eyes with silver-lilac hair that appears quite curly. She wears a pale purple cloak with a matching hat and small green earrings to match her three-stone green necklace. Her cloak is sewn along her dress, which resembles a dark magenta red carpet gown. It is unknown where her crystal ball is.

For formal occasions she wears a red themed version of her attire.


She is tired most of the time, due to the fact she has a very busy life. She is very forgetful as well.


"I'm going to change. I can't work in these clothes."


  • She likes biscuits.
  • Coffee is very important to her.


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