Majopi and Majopon
Pi Pon Nurses

Name マジョポン Majopon
マジョピー Majopī
Gender Female
Theme Color Pink (Majopon)
Blue (Majopi)
Voice Actors
Japanese Yumi Takayo (Majopon)
Yukiko Hanioka (Majopi)

 Majopi and Majopon are two young witch girls who can usually be found helping out during exams or watching baby witches. They are often seen together and seem to be good friends. 


These young witches are in charge of aiding exams or tending to children at times of need. Originally only Majopon appeared during season 1 during various tests; helping the girls understand what they had to do, give them written exams, or selling steak at one point. 

In season 2 Majopi arrived and the two of them were promoted to being nurses for one of the magic world doctors, Majoheart. They took part in more of the exams work, and eventually during Dokkan they were shown to be the daycare and kindergarten teachers for the magic babies; with the aid of Oyajide.


Majopon and Majopi look to be young witches; however it is impossible to pinpoint their true ages. Both girls possess fair skin and appear to be of the same height; but differ in terms of physical appearance elsewhere. Majopon has long, bright brown hair that reaches her chest with a soft flip on the bottom and a few loose hairs that hang over her forehead while the rest of her bangs curl and frame her face. She has big, wide brown eyes. Majopi has short, dark indigo-black hair that reaches her shoulders and flips on end. Her bangs are brushed to the side of her face with a few bangs that curl just above her ears. She has sharp dark indigo-black eyes.  

As the girls work together throughout the series, they often wear the same outfits but with minor differences. These being the flower accessories that Majopon likes, along with her leg warmer-socks. While Majopi always wore earrings and switched to a pair of knee socks. 

Originally they both wore a white and blue sailor fuku with a crop top that held a pale yellow ribbon at the neck. It also included a blue pleated skirt, white leg warmers and dark brown-themed school loafers. The girls also had a blue witch hat with a light indigo band around the middle.

In season 2 the girls switched to a white and pale pink nurse uniform with a belt around the stomach, a fold on the skirt, and a floral-themed stethescope around their neck; Majopon's being pale pink with dark pink accenting, and Majopi's being the opposite. They both wore pale gray shoes. 

In Dokkan, Majopi and Majopon gained another new outfit consisting of a pale lilac sweater (with Majopon's longer in length) that had a white collar and three big white buttons. Majopi wore a dark blue skirt and maryjane shoes with her white knee socks and gained big dark blue earrings and a powder blue bandana. While Majopon wore a raspberry skirt and maryjanes with her white leg warmers and gained a pink bandana. 


Both girls appear to have a typical happy-go-lucky teen atmosphere about them. While their true relationships are unknown it is assumed they are good friends who generally always seem to be in high spirits. They can be easily excited and like to tease, but they know when to be serious too. 

From their accessories and appearances; it can be assumed that Majopon is a cute or girly type, while Majopi may be a cool or mature type.



  • They are two of the few witches not shown to use magic.
    • However, when their crystal balls were shown; Majopon has a pink one, while Majopi has a blue.
  • The ojamajo have been shown refering to Majopon with the terms used to describe an older sister. 
  • Majopon's hair slightly resembles Tamaki's , while Majopi happens to resemble Aiko's