Name マジョモンロー Majomonrō
Gender Female
Theme Color Mauve
Debut Momoko Cried!? The Secret of the Earring
Voice Actors
Japanese Ikue Ootani

Majomonroe was Momoko's witch mentor and a very dear friend. She lived and worked in a small bakery in New York.



Majomonroe was a very kind and friendly witch. Majoririka said that she was respected and loved by anyone who had met her.



She has long, curly, blonde hair. She wears a purple cloak, has big round pink-ish earrings, and wears her crystal ball as a hood clasp. She has "happy wrinkles" on her face which is pretty reasonable since she is often seen smiling. On the left cheek she has a beauty mark. Her eyes are maroon and they seem to be watery due to having a lot of sparkles in them. Unlike many other witches, she doesn't wear any make up.

Witch Frog

She turned into a witch frog when Momoko saw her riding a broom. She is small and green, just like any other witch frog. She has a curly lock of hair on her head and she wears her crystal ball as a necklace. She passed away in this form due to an illness. On her deathbed, her usual witch frog appearance changed a bit; her eyes were half shut and she was teary-eyed, she also seemed to have bags under her eyes. Even though she was dying, she had a soft smile on her face.

Her crystal ball is an indigo star. She was seen using magic only once. It's unknown if she ever had a fairy.

Her family

Majovanilla - We found out near the end of Motto that Majomonroe has a twin sister. We don't know much about their relationship but from the flashback and the stuff that Majovanilla said it did seem like they were really close. Majovanilla said that Monroe refused the offer of being in the senate because she wanted to fulfill her dream of opening a small candy shop in New York. After Monroe turned into a witch frog, Vanilla seemed to be worried about her and she didn't understand why her sister didn't mind being cursed. Eventually though, she understood what her sister told her that day.

Theme songs

MAHO Dou - America Gaeri no Majo Minarai

MAHO Dou - America Gaeri no Majo Minarai


  • She may be, name and appearance-wise, based on American actress Marilyn Monroe.
  • Momoko is shown to think dearly of her.
  • It seems that both Momoko and Majomonroe were lonely before they met.
  • Unlike many other witches, she didn't seem to mind being turned into a witch frog- in fact, she didn't even try to hide her actual identity from Momoko.
  • She met Majoririka in New York about 60 years ago.
  • Momoko often dreams about her.
  • Her last words were "Thank you so much".